Film process

These past few weeks I started making my film and I am in the process still. I put the content into the imovie storyboard and am now formatting it. This is the first step to the film production. I was planning on putting the video together slowly bit by bit and while I am still planning on doing that, I found that it was helpful to at least plan out the major scenes of the film. This way I know what I am working towards next in the film. The film making part itself is taking longer than expected because it is a lot more technical than I thought it would be. There cannot be any gaps in the film, especially my type  of film. In videos dense with history and information it is hard enough to keep viewers attention, if the film is not clearly planned through and choppy it is even harder. This is currently my fear and biggest struggle in making. I need to save a lot of time at the end for editing which is why this past week has been busier.

Here is an article I read on continuity, which speaks to my problem so far and did offer some tips/ insight. This blog has very useful information for those interested in filmmaking or watching films/ movies.


Also, sidenote: this picture is another struggle

2 thoughts on “Film process

  1. Yiheng

    I’ve been producing a few amateur videos myself w/ my GoPro and camera footage from various trips… What video editing tools are you using?

  2. wbdrisco

    I’ll be interested to see your final product and I wish you luck in conquering the editing process. How long do you think this more technical part of the process will take you?


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