Boost Your Business or Nonprofit With These Facebook Tips!

We live in a digital age that relies on social media for business and social outreach. The internet has allowed for a regular conglomeration of millions of people per day on the same platform connecting and engaging with friends, advertisements, businesses, and public figures alike. For anyone creating a nonprofit, business, or awareness campaign, Facebook is a key tool that should be utilized to the fullest. Here are my top tips and tricks for using Facebook’s various features to the fullest. These tips will allow you to increase engagement and reach more people.

1. Schedule Posts in Advance

Having consistent content published on your page will help boost business. Not everyone will be able to post during the most helpful and active Facebook times, so it is extremely helpful to pre-schedule posts for publishing at later dates & times.

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It is very simple, but few utilize this tool. Simply write the post as normal, but instead of selecting publish, choose the dropdown arrow directly to the right of the publish button and click “schedule”. Select the date and time and send it off to your post queue. Facebook will take care of the rest!

Screenshot at Apr 03 09-56-45

2. Post at Peak Times

What may be the most common sense tip is often the most overlooked. It is always important to post and engage on Facebook when the most people are online and active during the day. This varies based on your topic and every page is different. Luckily there is an easy way to see when the followers on a page are online & active.

After selecting the insights tab on a page’s control panel, select the button on the left hand side of the browser that says “posts”. This will allow you to see what hours your followers are active with a visual graph. Below is an example of when my facebook followers are most active.


Screenshot at Apr 03 09-44-58.png

The most people are active from 12pm to 8pm on my page. This is why I make sure all the posts are pre-scheduled to post during these hours. I post four times a day at 12pm, 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm to receive the most engagement with my content. You can check out my page here!

3. Create Beneficial Audience Groups

Facebook advertising is extremely easy, but it is hard to target audience groups that have a lasting effect on your page. Many people are afraid to be specific and detailed when creating audience groups on Facebook advertising. While keeping your ad broad and generic may reach more people, they are NOT the people you need engaging with your content. Make sure you create an audience with required interests and exclude those with opposite interests. This will narrow down your audience and pay off with better engagement rates.

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4. Attend Facebook Business Events

Facebook hosts a variety of business events all across the country. For half a day, employees and social media experts help teach you the ‘ins and outs’ of Facebook’s various tools for business and get you closer to reaching the full social outreach potential. These events are free, but you will need to sign up in advance. All attendees also have the chance to win a $500 Facebook Ad credit after the Q&A session. All atendees receive entry into the raffel.

Click here to learn more about Boost Your Business Facebook Pop-Up events and find one near your!

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5 thoughts on “Boost Your Business or Nonprofit With These Facebook Tips!

  1. Yiheng

    The pre-scheduled posts are such a great idea! You are definitely the expert on this!
    How do you go about finding the exact ads that would interest your audience?

  2. riadas99

    This is very clever and smart. Today especially social media needs to be used in more proactive ways. When I think of social media I think of it as a tool to share what you’re doing or who you’re with at a given time. I forget that social networks like Twitter and Facebook can be used for much bigger and beneficial things if used correctly.

  3. kevinwang11

    I currently run the official Facebook account of our school’s robotics team. I might try out some of the strategies you lists in this blog post. From my experience, I think that having an influential account, such as Westtown School’s official account, share your Facebook posts will also boost your posts.


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