Getting Back Into It

This week has mainly been about getting back into the swing of things after my record-long, 25 day, spring break. However, I did get a little writing and a good bit of editing done. Here’s a short excerpt of my work from this week:++

“You need to check yourself, Carter,” said Bazgal. “We get it, you’re responsible for your warriors. We’re responsible for them too, they’re our brothers and sisters as well. We want them back as much as you do! But we can’t risk losing more warriors out there, with whatever the threat may be. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, sure,” I said, anger still evident in my words.

Bazgal threw up her hands in exasperation and said, “You forget that we’re the Alphas for a reason! We know how to keep the Pack together! Even if it means doing something you might not like. And besides, Carter, questioning us like that in front of the rest of the lieutenants? Arguing with everyone you could? What were you trying to accomplish? You helped us get nowhere!”

“I, I just…” I was ashamed. I knew that I had pushed my luck too far with the Alphas. “I want my warriors back. That’s all I was trying to do.”

“And so do we,” said Bazgal. “But as much as we want to see that they all get back here unharmed, we can’t put more lives in the same danger that almost killed Thane. It’s not the easy thing to do, but the right thing usually isn’t.”

“Point taken.”

“And we both know that having this conversation won’t make you feel any differently. So, Carter, I ask you, not as an Alpha, but as a sister to a brother, please, please don’t do anything that could get more people killed. Including yourself.”

I saw the knowing look in her eyes and said, “Of course. I apologize for my… disrespect.”

“Now get the warriors on our perimeter and see if Fara needs help.”

I nodded and left the command tent. Axe was still guarding the entrance as I exited. He grabbed me by the shoulder and led me a couple of paces away from the tent.

“Carter,” he said in a hushed tone, “you need to be more careful. They’re gonna toss you down the pole if you continue on this path. We’re all feeling the same thing. You need to trust in the wisdom of the group here.”

“Axe, I’m in no mood for a lecture, I need–”

“You need to hear what else I have to say. Got it?”

I wanted to be alone. I had just had my ass handed to me. I wanted time to think. Time to come up with a plan. But the look in Axe’s eyes told me that I needed to hear what he had to say.

“Tell it,” I said.

“That fucking stunt you pulled with Prichard last night? Yeah, they ain’t too happy about that. Prichard went to Barton and Barton, well, after he heard about it he came straight here. He had been here long before Shane came into camp with Thane.”

“You mean–”

“Yeah, I’m saying that your attitude in that meeting isn’t the only thing that might make another lieutenant take your place. Barton wants you out of the leadership.”

“And the Alphas?”

“You saw them. You’re still here, but they’re thinking about it. Elsewise you’d already be just another warrior. Your big mouth is making a better case for your demotion than Barton ever could. All I’m saying Carter, is that you need to guard yourself.”

“I hear you. But I’m not gonna let that get in the way of what I got to do. There’s more than just my reputation at stake here. There are lives.” With that I strode away.

“Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


That’s all for this week and as an interesting side piece, here’s an article my editor wrote for Esquire on the lives of undercover black officers in the NYPD.


3 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It

  1. Yiheng

    Do you feel a bit different writing during the break rather than writing at school? Did you find and inspiration during the break? Thanks for sharing the excerpt!

  2. riadas99

    I noticed that the process you use to write your book can be similar to my process in filmmaking. Have you found it beneficial to edit as you go along through each chapter or will you focus on editing every once in a while and really focus on it once the book is written?

  3. cynthiaruan

    I notice that a large portion of your novel are made up of conversations. (at least in the excerpts you post here) I always find it difficult to write conversations since there’s little room for the more subtle descriptions that I’m better at. Do you have any tricks or advice on that?


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