Dinner Dance?

Maybe it is too early for me to make a dinner dance proposal, but I did receive an invitation from T. Carrie Brodsky, the senior class advisor, who asked me to create a ticketing system for the 2017 Dinner Dance. In this blog post, I will explain what the ticketing system was like in 2016 and briefly introduce the new ticketing system I am currently developing.

Dinner Dance is Westtown’s version of prom. Each senior is entitled to two tickets and have the option to either use them or assign them to others. In fact, a senior has the following options in terms of attending dinner dance:

  • Attending Dinner Dance with another senior
  • Attending Dinner Dance with a underclassman
  • Attending Dinner Dance with a non-Westtown student
  • Attending Dinner Dance without a partner
  • Not Attending Dinner Dance

Back in 2016, all reservations were made using paper forms. Each dinner dance attendee was required to fill out at least one of the following forms:

  • Seniors Ticketing & Billing Form
  • Underclassperson Ticketing & Billing Form (filled by the senior)
  • Underclassperson Going with Senior Form (filled by the underclassman)
  • Guest of Senior Form

The forms were collected through a box in T. Carrie’s office. Then, they were processed by the senior class officers and advisors to generate the following information:

  1. A list of attendees
  2. A list of people to be billed

The Problem

Seniors found the forms very complicated. Seniors who are “attending Dinner Dance with a non-Westtown student,” for example, they needed to have their guests physically submit a form and wait for the dean’s approval. In addition, processing the forms was extremely time-consuming as it required the senior class officers and advisors to track down every senior’s choice and the forms they each filled out.

The Solution

2017 Dinner Dance Flow Chart

In my solution, all of the ticketing requests will be handled electronically through a web application customized for the 2017 Dinner Dance. Instead of being presented with the aforementioned forms, each senior will be guided through a “step-by-step” interface that strictly follows the ticketing flow chart. Actions such as billing and assigning tickets are performed according to user actions.

Indirect actions such as inviting a guest will also be fully automated. In the case of “attending Dinner Dance with a non-Westtown student,” the senior will only need to supply the system with the guest’s email address. The system will then send the guest an invitation as well as the “guest form.” Once the guest completes the form, it will be automatically forwarded to the dean’s office for approval.

In next week’s blog post, I will provide more details about the new ticketing system. Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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4 thoughts on “Dinner Dance?

  1. Yiheng

    Such a clear flow chart! I am wondering how many hours would you need to spend to take this from idea to reality?

    Another genuine question… So if one has an outside guest, we are assuming that the westtown host is paying?

    1. kevinwang11 Post author

      Thank you for commenting!
      We are really close to releasing the system.
      And, yes, we are assuming that the Westtown student is paying for the guest.

  2. Susan Waterhouse

    Hi Kevin,

    Maybe this is clearer in the form itself, but I have two questions. Are seniors who are going with another senior somehow giving a pair of tickets to underclass folks or do they pretend to be going with one underclass student each? Why when a student says they are not going does the chart say two tickets assigned?

    PS. I like the overall concept, I just wasn’t sure if the rules for 2017 are supposed to match the 2016 rules you describe in the post.

    1. kevinwang11 Post author

      1. If two seniors go together, we will be either billing both of the seniors or billing one of the seniors twice. Either way, two tickets becomes available and can be assigned to two underclassmen.

      2. When a senior opts not to attend dinner dance, the senior may “assign 2 tickets” to 2 underclassmen.

      Hope this answers your question.


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