Progress Update: Building My Non-Profit dedicated to Sex Education

I am incredibly passionate about many things, however the current state of Pennsylvania’s sex education is particularly troubling.

Over the past year, I’ve been developing a plan to research, organize, and build my non-profit, named Keystone CASE (Coalition for Advancing Sex Education). It’s tasked with spreading awareness for comprehensive sex education and lobbying PA politicians to enact this legislation.

America is a nation that glorifies sex — sometimes too much.  In a country that seemingly holds sexuality on a pedestal, it would seem natural to equip our youth with a toolbox full of ways to understand such a society. However, in many states, including Pennsylvania, this is not the case.

From my previous posts, you’d know how lacking PA sex education is. If you’ve missed them, get updated here: I have attached an in depth look at Pennsylvania’s requirements so you can see for yourself!

Keystone CASE is the solution. I am committed to enacting bipartisan legislation that advances sex education in Pennsylvania. But, I need all the help I can get.
Building a nonprofit costs money. Beyond legal expenses, Articles of Incorporation, and other start-up costs, I would like to also build a website and have a professional logo. I first set a bare bones goal of $1,500.00 to get this non-profit started and what happened next blew my mind.

Last Friday, I purchased $25 dollars worth of supplies (Notebooks, Envelopes, ect.) at OfficeMax. I was afraid that I may not raise enough to cover the cost of just those supplies. I should not have been worried.

Tons of my friends and family (and even strangers!) rushed to my GoFundMe and donated. In less then twenty-four hours, I blew past my initial goal. Since, I’ve raised my goal to $3000 dollars by March 25th hoping to improve the quality of my startup.

I am committed to transparency, so I released the financial breakdown of my goal. This can be viewed here! In addition to the breakdown, I am making a promise that all of my financial records regarding Keystone CASE will be quarterly uploaded onto my upcoming website in initiative to create total transparency.

I asked people to support this non-profit because I firmly believe that CASE will help educate adolescents to make informed decisions. As an incentive, all initial donors will receive early access to materials and legislation before anyone else, and will also be invited to a monthly conference call with updates.

To readers interested in supporting my venture, you can access my GoFundMe with this link:


Featured Photo citation: “#069 – Progress (Essentialism Pt 19) [Podcast].” First Things,


4 thoughts on “Progress Update: Building My Non-Profit dedicated to Sex Education

  1. kcmill12 Post author

    Yes of course Tom. Part of the process is that you’re required to put out two ads as a proof of business type thing. My mom had to do this when she started her business. That being said, I have not made any decision to where I’ll be advertising.

  2. amaanstewart

    I saw how much you are making so far and I am so proud of you. You are incredibly motivated and I’m excited to see where you and your project goes.

  3. india.henderson

    I also have seen your progress and am truly inspired!! You identified a problem you wanted to solve, figured out how you could be most effective and just jumped in! That is really amazing and it is really great to see community members taking action for justice. Can’t wait to learn more!


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