Film festivals

It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to finish brown and white and balance all of my other classes. So filmmaking has been on the backburner, but I plan on working a lot during my senior project. 

Since I haven’t been working a lot on filmmaking I decided to enter some of my old work to film festivals. At the beginning of my independent, my goal was to have a 15-20 minute film and submit it to big film festivals like Sundance or Tribeca. This is obviously not the case now. So I decided to enter my The Things I Carry film to 2 film festivals. The first one is film festival located in Germantown, T. Will emailed me about this festival. The winners of the festival receive cash prizes, so I’m excited. The second one a family member showed me, it’s the Georgetown University Film Festival, which is pretty exciting. I hear back from both of them around March and April; which is the same time I hear back from colleges, so those months are going to be pretty stressful. Even though I was not able to enter my work in the festivals that I originally wanted to it’s still pretty exciting to enter my work somewhere, maybe Sundance and Tribeca will be a possibility in the future.

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