A Guide to Contacting Your Representatives – KC

Congress(wo)men and Senators are not the only representatives elected by voters. From President to County Commissioner every citizen in this country has a ton of elected officials representing them in local and national ways.

In some ways, local politics has the ability to change your day to day life more than the President. From school board regulation, to municipal road maintenance, local politics and representatives are the ones impacting your everyday life the most.

It is important for citizens to 1) know all their representatives, up and down the ballot, and 2) understand how to contact them and voice their opinion.

As promised last week, here is an amazing website you can use to find all of your elected officials: www.whoaremyrepresentatives.org! This website allows you to see every single one of your representatives from President to Register of Wills, and supplies you with their phone number, mailing address, social media, and political affiliation.

If you have a community concern, or want to voice your opinion, call the number listed. You can also mail in a letter if that is more comfortable. The staff of your representatives will read and respond to most letters.

If you’ve gone through all your local representatives, try calling your national senators and representatives as well! (Here’s another great recourse for calling!)

Happy Calling,


Picture citation: Screenshot from www. whoaremyrepresentatives.org by Politiwatch

3 thoughts on “A Guide to Contacting Your Representatives – KC

  1. rickyyu1999

    Thank you for the information. What are the follow up steps if you want to voice your opinions after you contact your representatives?

  2. amaanstewart

    I found this incredibly helpful. It’s nice that there is a resource that can tell you all this valuable information. This is a very important resource if you want to enact change.

  3. henryzuckerberg

    Thanks, KC, I too found this very helpful. Will certainly add this to my weekly routine. This is exactly what we need to increase the number of actively participating citizens.


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