Who to blame – Henry

Reading about injustice of any nature will invariably make you mad.  It would be fair that this is in some ways the point.  Reading Joe Feagan’s Racist America has made me angry.  Racism stirs my emotions for sure.  I can’t seem to push this anger in any one direction.  The omnipresent, ever-changing nature of racism makes it nearly impossible to direct this energy.  It’s eternally frustrating.  I want to pin racism down and punch it until its head becomes the consistency of pulpy orange juice.  Of course, this is impossible. So, who takes the blame? All those who originally manifested racist viewpoints are dead.  Not to say that people don’t actively perpetuate these issues today and have for the last four hundred years of history on this continent.  Who can I turn towards to throw my rhetoric at and all my will power towards? I think this quest for a physical manifestation from which all racism stems from is precisely what gets in my way.  Racism is everywhere winding its way into almost all interactions.  So, I suppose the next question is, is racism the root or result of an idea?  By “fighting” racism are we simply treating the symptoms and not going after the disease.  Is there even one root cause of racism? All these questions persist moving into the second week.  I hope to at least bring some answers.

3 thoughts on “Who to blame – Henry

  1. rickyyu1999

    I fully agree with you on how you feel about racism. What do you think we can do as students to help the problem?

  2. kcmill12

    This is a great analysis. Are you specifically studying race relations for your Independent, or focusing on something more broad?

  3. yihengxie

    Your “eternal frustration” is rendered true and moving here. I did cringe when I read “consistency of pulpy orange juice.” Racial battle fatigue may eventually overtake our anger and frustration, because they themselves has no sustaining power. Let’s search together for how we can turn it into the force for good. Combining it with other aspects of your passions perhaps?


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