No Film School – Ria

While I have been working on my treatment and plot for my film, I have also been researching how to make a documentary. I found a blog that is very interesting, not just for someone wanting to make a film. No Film School is similar to a news source like Buzzfeed or Fast Company but focused on filmmaking. I found an article called 7 Thinks You Should Know Before Making Your First Documentary which gave me some helpful tips.

  1. “Think like a screenwriter…  If you can turn the sound off on your documentary and still understand the story, then your film is a success.” ( A key question to ask is what do you want your audience or viewer to see when watching your film.
  2. Have many plans incase Plan A does not work out. This does for everything whether it be multiple plot lines, multiple softwares, multiple timelines, anything.
  3. Editing: It is important to always go back and watch the footage collected. While the film may make sense while you’re making it and look great, going back you could realize it is unorganized and horrible.
  4. Be committed to the story. Make it interesting. “Love your story. Know your story. And audiences will follow.”(


Here is the link to the article.


3 thoughts on “No Film School – Ria

  1. wbdrisco

    The tips certainly seem like they’d be pretty insightful. Is there any one tip in particular you think is most important?

  2. yihengxie

    The editing process can be a pain! How do you feel when you need to pare your footage down to the best of the best? If you were to choose, would you have a deluge of footage and choose from them or be extra careful when you film in the first place?


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