Empowering Citizens Through State Legislatures – KC

Congressional gridlock has created deep dissatisfaction with the United States Congress. People are concerned that politicians are working for special interest groups instead of  ordinary citizens. This gridlock phenomenon has created a shift of focus towards alternative ways of creating change.

Instead of fighting through gridlock, political advocacy groups are passing legislation in state assemblies all across the nation. It’s easier to pass laws in state assemblies because of the more cooperative manner of state politicians.

It has become increasingly popular to take a desired national bill and pass it in all 50 states individually. Congressional gridlock allows for a system where it is easier to focus on state legislatures than seeking national congressional approval.

This allows for ordinary citizens — like you and me — to create change. State Senators are more accessible and eager to meet with their constituents than Federal Senators. It is important for ordinary citizens with the desire to create legislative change to have a plan.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog where I’ll give you my top 10 tips on drafting legislation and ways to reach your State Senator! In the mean time, click here to find your State Senator (PA ONLY).


Image credit: “State Legislation Committee.” SFGOV, sfgov.org/slc/.


2 thoughts on “Empowering Citizens Through State Legislatures – KC

  1. tkbarnet

    Do you think this current trend towards state decisions is beneficial, given that, as you say, State Senators are more approachable and accessible for their constituents?

  2. kcmill12 Post author

    Tom, frankly I do not. It is sad that we cannot get anything passed in Congress. Senator and Representatives should always be accessible for constituents. Unfortunately, we live in a country that has a government who values corporate donations over the people. I am hoping that people will learn about state senators and representatives. Frankly many do not know they even exist. Thanks for your comment.


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