Aidan – Week One

It was a cool first week of the new semester of Independent studies. I’ll introduce my project and talk a little bit about what I do in this post!

My project that I’ve been working on for the last two semesters is the study of electronic music production and audio engineering. I compose and produce my own electronic indie music which I upload online here.

The purpose of my study this semester is to work on a body of work that I can release as a short EP. I will be sharing my weekly findings and teaching best I can the readers of this post about how I do what I do. By the end of my study, I will have released said EP, promoted, placed, and started to set up a possible mini-tour to further promote it. My culminating evaluation will be a listening ‘party’/reception in the art centre of the songs on the EP where I’ll talk to anyone about anything regarding the process!

It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to share my progress with everyone.

3 Songs of the week – mood: a windy night

  1. Owsey – And So You Fade Out To The Farplane
  2. Pearl – You’re Everything
  3. Pham – Sleep Well

2 thoughts on “Aidan – Week One

  1. riadas99

    Displaying your music in the art center is a great idea. I’ve heard about your music and know you are passionate about making music and since oftentimes we have receptions for artwork made in the visual arts, you should have a reception similar with a lot of your music, lyrics, and even story.


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