Pennsylvania’s Sex Education Legislation is Scarier Than You’d Think! – KC

This week I’ve started my Independent Study by delving into Pennsylvania’s legislation that regulates health and sex education in Pennsylvania. Here’s the thing: there is isn’t much regulation or specification on sexual education in the Keystone State.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is the governing body that sets guidelines and regulations for health education in Pennsylvania public schools. The state only requires that students in grades 9 and 12 learn information pertaining to the transmission of communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS/STI’s. These same grades are also required to discuss healthy relationships and abstinence. You can read the complete guidelines here.

I was personally shocked to see how little our state oversees and manages sex education. If we are going to have a knowledgeable future generation, our students need to understand the complexity of human sexuality. Especially in a society that glorifies sex on media and is in the midst of a “hookup cultural revolution”.

Pennsylvania’s Public School Code of 1949 (P.L.30, No.14), which is the governing legislation surrounding school regulation, fails to mention adequate education regarding sex education throughout the state also. We are in dire need of an updated. (To read the full bill click here)

The point of focus for my Independent in the coming weeks is to address the problems with Pennsylvania’s sex legislation and effectively draft an act to amend the Public School Code of 1949 (P.L.30, No.14) to include provisions for comprehensive sex education.

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“The Interview: A History of Sex Ed.”,

8 thoughts on “Pennsylvania’s Sex Education Legislation is Scarier Than You’d Think! – KC

  1. riadas99

    This independent project seems like it will do the community great good along with give you experience with some politics. This is a topic I wished we also talked about in our school more so I believe while also raising this issue to Pennsylavnia’s sex legislation it will also create more talk around Westtown’s community.

  2. wbdrisco

    The guidelines provided by the state seem to be pretty light and therefore disconcerting to me, especially in our unhealthily focused culture. Does the path to a healthier culture in regards to sexuality lie only in changing public policy? Or, perhaps, through other cultural mediums in addition?

  3. amaanstewart

    I really appreciate your independent project. I think this is a really important topic that should be shared with the community. I’m excited to see where your project takes you.

  4. Vicki Smith

    Education is key to a better America! Sex education is by far needed in our schools and it should start in middle school!


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