For the first week of the independent seminar, I went into it not knowing where to start on a film. I had many questions: How will I present information? What format should it be in? What movie maker will I use? Should I use clips?

I scheduled a meeting with Teacher Karl in the alumni office and he was very helpful. I will be working closely with him this semester because he has expertise in film making and production. I have answers to all of my questions and a good starting point for this film. I have some ideas on how I want to format the video: I am thinking to use pictures instead of videos. While it seems very plain and uninteresting when first thinking about historical pictures being displayed as a slideshow, T Karl explained there are many techniques used to make it more dynamic and engaging for viewers.

I also decided to use iMovie for my platform as this is the most accessible. While Adobe Premier would give me more effects and technical benefits, iMovie works very well and is much easier to navigate for beginners.

To start, Teacher Karl told me the first step would be to create a treatment. A treatment is similar to an elevator pitch; It includes a thesis along with a description of the film. I started writing my treatment and will hopefully finish it by this week. After T Karl edits this I can move on to the next step which I believe will be the documentary script.

Below is a link to a sample film treatment:

1 thought on “Beginning Process: Filmmaking

  1. kcmill12

    Best of luck on finishing your film treatment. I never knew that was the first step to a film or documentary. I would have guessed step one was the script! What is your film focusing on?


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