Putting the Pieces Together-Alyssa

In my final weeks of my independent research project I am now in the process of analyzing the data I’ve collected.The data collection was a long and tiring one, but I’m finally able to say it’s over.

Now I need to individually score each assessment, all 160+ of them. Each one takes a little under five minutes, but I know it’s possible to get done. The most difficult part is staying unbiased while tallying all of the scores. I want my data to jive with the rest of my project, and sometimes it just doesn’t. Regardless, it is imperative that I write down the scores as they are without altering my analyzation method.

Once I finish collecting and analyzing , I will move onto creating my presentation. The writing and formatting of my presentation will be the easy part. The hard part will obviously be speaking in front of the whole school. I’m hoping to finish my analyzation with enough time to dedicate a week or two to practicing and getting over my fear of public speaking. Wish me luck!publicspeaking

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2 thoughts on “Putting the Pieces Together-Alyssa

  1. dexcoengilbert

    I am very excited to see your presentation and what the results of your research was! Really awesome project.

  2. yihengxie

    Thank you for a fantastic presentation. We can really feel your earnest devotion in researching implicit bias. It was apparent how much effort you put in. Don’t be scared of public speaking! You are a good presenter: engaging, passionate, and organized. Thank you for bringing this topic down to the perspective of our community!


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