Last One :)-Yanwen


Time runs fast this year and I still haven’t done all I need to do for the semester. Senior year has been quite busy for me with all college applications, class load, and projects. But the good thing is, the two projects I include in this semester’s independent seminar keep themselves in the good shape so far and keep progressing. Since this is the last blog before the final presentation, I’d like to wrap up what I’ve gotten right now.

I met with my client the Thursday before we headed out for thanksgiving break and presented to her what I had achieved. The final thing left for me to do in the Napier Group project is to wait for the content that need to be included in the website which is something the company will create, put the content in the right format in corresponding sections and include the redirection link on the registration page leading to company’s PayPal account page after all the applications submit their application to the Group Leadership Intensive workshop. The company loves the website’s looking and is looking forward to using it for company’s March workshop registration.

Also, I just received a good news on the TraceCloud project. TraceCloud is a credit investigation system I and another four college students created as a team and presented to Citi Bank China division—in case some of you didn’t read my previous posts. After thorough evaluation on our program, investigators picked up our program and were interested in following up and putting the program in real tests in 2017.

This semester’s independent study is fruitful and helpful for my further development in different areas. Since my independent study doesn’t include regular study or research as my normal classes do, I learn something else through it and those experiences will keep along with me on my life path and broaden my road.

Lovely year > <, had fun in study.


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3 thoughts on “Last One :)-Yanwen

  1. riadas99

    I think this is why a lot of people decide to do independent projects. It lets us choose certain passions we have and shape our own curriculum that may not have a typical learning style. You seem to have made the most out of this different learning style and got a lot out of you project that you otherwise would not have received necessarily in many of your other classes.

  2. Sophie Xi

    Yanwen! It is amazing that you have worked well with your client! It is impressive that you have managed doing your independent projects while handling with school works. Personally I feel that it will be wonderful in the future to hear from you about the test results of Citi Bank China using Tracecloud.

  3. margaretjhaviland

    Dear Yanwen, Congratulations on success with Citibank. What role will you have in the testing that happens next? As for your Napier clients, what will your role be in the final look of the website. Will the website have a reusable form? Will they be able to use it for other conferences?


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