Week 11 – Aidan

We’ve finally reached the last week of this semester’s Independent Seminars. I have a lot to speak on today, I hope it doesn’t read too all over the place!

Each track in this playlist is production that I did for different artists, and the tracks should speak for themselves.

I’m going to speak about what’s going on in my music life besides the actual creation part! Recently I’ve been promoting a show that I’m playing on December 10th in Philadelphia (if you’re interested, tickets are being sold here: bigh.bpt.me), so I’ve been getting a lot of interviews and other press where I can speak about that show and promote it to fans in the area. That’s been an interesting experience because this is the first show that I’ve organized myself (with my manager, she does most of the organizing work actually). All this press though, has led to other booking agents and show organizers talking to me about potential shows. So the funny thing is, I’ve been booked for 3 shows in a row in the spring, on a Thursday, a Friday, and a Saturday. The whole booking process is pretty easy when you’re speaking to someone who knows what they’re talking about, but my manager is currently speaking to an agent who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and I can say that it definitely sucks.

Besides booking, a lot of other fun stuff has been happening. I got one of my tracks selected by the head curator at Apple Music (iTunes’ music streaming app) to be on the #1 chill playlist on iTunes! I’m even #5 on the entire list. This was very exciting because it opens me up to an entirely new demographic of people: people who use iTunes as their main streaming source. I also made it on another Apple-curated playlist, but I was #20 or something on it so it wasn’t as exciting for me. It was all still very exciting though.

After iTunes playlist extravaganzas, I’ve also been in conversation with one of my all time favourite musicians, Phonat. He tweeted at me the other day telling me that my music was, “(profanity)ing awesome!”. So that was very exciting for me as well. His work is what pushed me to step out of the EDM scene when I first started taking producing seriously. His sound has the perfect blend between classical composition and electronic experimentalism. I’d love to work on a track with him sometime.

Now for the final, “What I’ve Been Listening To” of the semester:

This week’s mood is supposed to be happy and hopeful but also melancholy at the same time. I hope you can feel that in the songs chosen:

  1. Flamingosis & Ehiorobo – Glide
  2. Saito – 彼女
  3. Everett Orr – Can’t Let You Go
  4. Tomppabeats – U Love
  5. Benny Sings – I Miss You More Than I Thought

6 thoughts on “Week 11 – Aidan

  1. ainsleybruton

    I can see why you’re so excited about all of this! That’s a lot going on, and I’ve very happy for all of your successes.

  2. wbdrisco

    Aidan, it’s awesome to see what you’ve accomplished! You should be immensely proud of your work, and I can’t wait to see where you end up!

  3. amaanstewart

    That’s so exciting Aidan, I’m so proud of you. I can tell you work really hard on all of your music. You deserve every piece of success you receive.

  4. anrowshan

    I saw your song on that iTunes playlist, and I was so excited for you! Congratulations, and I hope your show goes well!

  5. margaretjhaviland

    Aidan, your manager has their hands full! How will you decide where to go next? Our Shoemaker performers mentioned working with Justin Timberlake and produced by Toshi Reagon one of the founders of Sweet Honey and the Rock on their latest album. They talked about the joys and challenges of having balance in one’s life when their “boss” is their own creativity, drive and passion for their art and the social justice causes in which they are invested. Your challenge may well be to manage your own balance.


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