My progress, and what still lies ahead-Ainsley


The photograph above is of my progress thus far- I’ve gotten a lot done, but I still have a ways to go until the piece is complete. I have had a minor setback in the last week of my work, because the computer that my reference photos were on broke (I should have the pictures back in a few days) but during this time I have only been able to work on the background.

It is difficult for me to anticipate how much time it will take me to finish the mural- It has taken me almost two months to get where I am, and there is still a lot of detail work left (which takes the most time). In the past, however, I have only been able to work for a few hours every week,  but now I will be working on it for two hours every afternoon because I’m doing independent arts as my co-curricular. With this time, I anticipate it still taking about 4-6 more weeks.

In the time that is left I will continue to progress as I have been, and I can’t wait to see the finished piece. In reflecting back on the work I have already done this semester, I’m very happy with all that I have accomplished. I have learned a lot about the logistics of painting a mural, as well as the creative process for developing a large scale design. Working on a piece of this magnitude has been incredibly rewarding, and I have loved being able to work on something for my community every day. This article summarizes a study on the effects that creating art has on your health, which I am definitely feeling. The most exciting and rewarding thing about this mural is the fact that I will be able to share something I have created with Westtownians for years to come.

7 thoughts on “My progress, and what still lies ahead-Ainsley

  1. megannuggihalliwesttownedu

    When I first saw the painting I was in awe. It’s so beautiful and vibrant! I love the colors and I’m interested to see what else you will add because from a non-painter like me it looks super good!

    I’m not much of an artist much I do like to doodle and draw in my free time and it definitely makes me feel better. I liked the article too I do feel some of those things when I draw! (Calm/fills time)

  2. aidanpeterson

    I remember when the dancers weren’t even coloured in! Its cool to see how far it’s progressed, I’m excited to see the final piece.

  3. wbdrisco

    Ainsley, it’s really cool to see how far you’ve come thus far, having been present for some of your earlier meetings. I can’t wait to see the fully detailed end product even though what you have now looks great.

  4. willmanidis

    I’m truly amazed by how your mural has progressed. This may be because I tend to not wander campus that I am asking, but where in the world can I go to see it in person? The scale must make it even more breathtaking.

  5. amaanstewart

    This is awesome Ainsley! I always see you working so hard on your mural and I’m excited to what the final product looks like.

  6. margaretjhaviland

    Ainsley, I am really interested in the link to the health benefits of creativity. Even with the extra demands on your time and the stress related to finishing your project, are you really feeling healthy? I have been reading the book T. Kristen is using in her Religion and Science class How God Changes Your Brain. Creativity is not one of the 8 ways to improve brain functioning, though I suppose you could stretch Creativity to be a part of learn something new. I am so pleased you are finding this process energizing. Which part was the most satisfying, the design, all the steps to funding and approval or the execution of the design?


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