To be honest, the project is going at a slower pace than expected. I think most of this comes from my hasty expectation of everybody doing things the way I want them to and everything working out perfectly, but there are certainly other factors that weigh into the problem. The first suspected cause is college. Now this isn’t a major time-consumer, but it’s something that stays on my mind 24/7 and is sort of a constant stymie. However, the process will be over by the second semester, and I think the project will pick the pace up for the second half of the semester too.

Another problem is communication. I learned, through this project, that getting emailed back is not an easy thing to do. I had to constantly email teachers and remind them in the hallways when I ran into them that I had emailed them, and had to occasionally ask my mentor to remind some of them that about the emails. However, this did show me that taking initiative and reminding people when you run into them and being persistent results in a response, whether positive or negative.


The finance study part of my project is going great. I have learned about the stock market, time value of money, cash flow statements, income statements, and many more topics related to finance and corporate finance. There have rarely been challenges except for the occasional inability to understand a topic, but nothing has been too difficult to handle.

Now the focus has to be really on for the second part of this semester. The courses will go well if I do what I am doing now, but I really have to show intensity for the project that I am trying to organize and hold. I have to start reaching out to both people in and outside of school in order to fully engage them in this project and have it moving forward. I think I am on a good path however, since I know clearly most of the things that I need to do and the people I have to talk to. I’m excited to continue this in the next part of the semester.


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3 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. dexcoengilbert

    I am glad you mentioned something about college as something that has slowed you down because I have definitely felt that as well. I am looking forward to seeing how your project continues to evolve as you continue!

  2. margaretjhaviland

    There is a lesson here. Email is good for things like letting folks know what time an event starts or how many people are coming to dinner. Its great for sharing blog post links or announcements of concerts — for one way communication. Its lousy for having a conversation. Waiting for a response to an email is waiting for the other person or people in a conversation to respond. Its not an excuse for those people who haven’t responded, however, I would ask you to consider when was the last time you had a conversation with a friend via email. I suspect you use something more immediate like snapchat or instagram or perhaps twitter. Herein lies the rub, you aren’t friends on these social media sites with your teachers and other gate holders to your project. You need to persistently meet them face to face. Better yet learn this really important skill of working with their administrative assistants to meet with them in their offices when you will have their undivided attention. If its someone who doesn’t have an admin, then be sure to find them in their own classroom or office. Finding someone in the hallway is a sure fire way to not get the response you are waiting for. Between your meeting them in the hallway and the time they get back to their office, at least three other people have stopped them to say hello, ask a question or make a demand.


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