Week 9 – Aidan


I took this blog post to reflect on what I’ve accomplished to this date since the start of my independent project. Come reflect with me!

These last few months have been very crazy for me. Not only have I been accomplishing my goals of progressing myself as a composer, but I’ve also been working with some huge artists.

I spend most of my time producing music as most people know, and my learning curve is generally pretty slow and gradual; I learn a little bit every day, nothing huge. That being said, my strides in the last few months have been huge. I’ve produced songs for Blackbear, been described by A$AP Rocky himself as “crazy”, debuted numerous songs #1 on the soundcloud indie chart, and reached the 2 million streams mark on soundcloud alone. I’ve also had multiple songs of mine placed in official Spotify playlists, some with over 300,000 followers on them. All of that aside though, I’ve progressed so much as an artist. It’s easier to see the sharp incline of my brand, but my own artistry is not so easy to observe. I’ve been able to compose at a much quicker rate, and I’ve begun to tie together all of my past knowledge of music theory with my ear for modern electronic music and indie.

The artistic development of a musician is crucial to growing as a brand and also evolving as a sound. I personally value the evolution of my sound above the growth of my brand, but I’ve been trying to push both areas equally of late. It’s been doing wonders for me. I can only pray that my incline continues!

Next week I plan to discuss artist branding and what I’ve learned about that recently.


1 thought on “Week 9 – Aidan

  1. rickyyu1999

    It’s really insane that you got in contact with A$AP Rocky, I’m excited to see the artists that you’ll be working in the future. Kind of unrelated, but how long does it take for you to make one song on average?


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