According to the graph above, I’m currently stating at step 5 and getting constant updates on the project with Napier Group. Up to today, I’ve met with the clients once in person and discussed their expectations on the final product and preferred timeline to provide a workable product. The expected finish time is set before March for them to process June’s workshop registration.

My next meeting with the clients is this weekend and we will be discussing website content and available sources then. Right now, what I’ve accomplished are website structure, social media registration, and payment sources researching including PayPal, credit card and debit card online payment. Clients has approved the structure in my last blog entry and asked me to expand their company’s visibility by registering social media accounts like Facebook page, twitter, and blog.


Through my experience working with clients, there are several thoughts I want to lift up here:

  1. Clear communication sometimes is more important than pure work. I encountered twice that clients’ expectation wasn’t interpreted correctly by me when I worked on the actual project and we had to communicate back and forth through email which caused lots of delay in information and waste of time on clarification. During our first meeting, the clients said that they would like to put general introduction of their project on the home page and elaborated details in learn more page. I mistakenly put past participants’ anecdotes on the front page because I missed the piece of information and it took us three days’ email communication to clear out the confusion. So it’s very important to get everything clients want during meetings, taking notes and clearing out confusions to save up time in later progress.
  2. When people are working with clients, it’s helpful for them to provide clients with up-to-date information on current progress. It’s not only showing respect to clients’ ideas but also helpful regarding developers’ workload. From my personal experience, clients sometimes have different expectations on things when they actually see the product. So it’s not timesaving to provide them with a finished project and let them state their opinions on different elements then. After all, it’s easier to modify a product during the progress when people are making it than after the product is finished.

During the coming weekend’s meeting with clients, we will specifically be working on website’s information layout and hopefully will take a big step forward before thanksgiving break. Currently, though my pace has been influenced by early application deadlines for the past two weeks, I still keep my progress sticking with the timeline and constantly making updates.




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