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What Makes Snapchat a Success? | Kevin Wang

Snapchat is an instant messaging application created by three Stanford students. Messages sent in Snapchat known as “snaps” are self-destructive images and video clips. The concept is that users can send snaps that last up to 10 seconds after they are opened by the receivers. Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has achieved an active user base of 150 million users with more than 9,000 snaps being sent every second. Aside from the statistics, Snapchat has successfully incorporated emotion into instant messaging and brought forth a new lifestyle for teenagers and young adults. After all, what is it that makes Snapchat so successful?

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The Trials and Tribulations of Writing Over Time


On a recent conference call with my mentor/editor, I was asked why I had written a specific quantity in one place. I had written a piece of dialogue in which a character told the narrator he’d be back in 50 minutes. When my editor asked me why I said 50 minutes specifically in contrast to, well, any other measure of time, I told him the truth. Continue reading

The Importance of A Beautiful Mind

If you have ever read anything about game theory, you have probably heard of John Nash. He was an influential mathematician that made major contributions to the fields of game theory, differential geometry, and differential equations. In 1994, he was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work. You would think that a mathematician’s life would be quite dull, but his definitely was not. There was even a movie made about his life called A Beautiful Mind. It actually won four Oscars, including Best Picture. I mention Nash because of his most famous addition to game theory, the Nash equilibrium. Continue reading

Capturing My Grandma’s Stories| Sophie Xi

Over this past weekend, I conducted my first interview with my grandmother. She was born three years before the establishment of the People’s Republic of China and forced to leave her hometown, Shanghai, when the Cultural Revolution occurred. Her stories not only enrich my knowledge with regards to that period of time but also help me to collect resources for my fictional writing. This interview was mainly focused on exploring the change in visions of marriage over three generations. As I am currently reading the book Wild Swans, I found out that marriage, a huge component of people’s lives, can be morphed into different structures in the wake of history. Consequently, the Cultural Revolution under Communist Regime might have also changed the customs of marriage.


Screen-cap from the film “Raise the Red Lantern

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Opposing Viewpoints

For those who did not read my earlier post or forgot, I am planning on focusing my research on five events and creating a film including two biases: one from the Pakistani viewpoint and one from the Indian one. This past week I struggled a bit with my events. I wanted to change and even limit the number of events to focus on. I still do not know what I will be doing but all I know is it is much harder to find bias than I expected. I figured it would be easy to do so because you can just search online, “Indian bias partition of India” and it will come up with many results. I tried this and could not find many reputable sources. I met with Teacher Deb along with the librarians and we all worked together to find a few books with viewpoints. Along with that, we found a website full of useful links with more than just the facts. One book we found, “Sources of Indian Tradition” has a section in it called “Muslim Traveler to the West” and a section devoted to leaders of the Islamic revival. I found throughout my research that religion is a key factor that will play into it. Most Indians with a perspective were Hindu while most Pakistanis were Muslim at this time. By the end of this week I hope to have some more research on one of my events and have a set plan on what events I want to actually focus on. Continue reading

Making Progress

Making Progress – Ricky Yu


The main focus of this blogpost will be the competition. As of now, the competition planning is on a great track, and there are just people now that I have to reach out to and work out details with. Firstly, I concluded that it was unrealistic to try and have this happen in the winter, so the possible dates were pushed backed to the spring. Secondly, T. Carolyn brought this idea up to the board of administration, and she said that they have expressed enthusiasm for the project, which was absolutely great news to me.

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Website Update — Yanwen


I got started on physically building the website for Napier Group last week, spending my time on planning the layout and communicating with clients about their preferences. The current version of Group Leadership Intensive (GLI) website is presented above with five navigators serving different sections of information. Continue reading