Deeper Research

This past week has been a bit more difficult for me. I have not been able to find specific information on what I need. I have many books and resources to look at which are giving me a ton of information, almost a bit too much. There is a lot of information on the conflict in general along with politics regarding British rule but I have not been able to find bias on my specific 5 key events. I talked to Teacher Margaret and she advised me to reach out to some organizations through universities or relating to South Asian studies. I reached out to the Center for South Asian Studied at the University of Michigan (  along with Villanova University. I hope to hear back from them at some point soon so I can continue my research on what I need for my film.


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While it has also been frustrating not finding specific information for my project, I have learned so much about India and Pakistan’s relation with each other. In general, I am learning more about India which was one of my goals for this project. That being said, I have been thinking about extending my project to a full year so that I can focus this entire semester on research and get a good handle on the material and topic. I want to have as much knowledge as I can, even drawing away from the partition itself, though it is still my focal point. If I were to execute this new plan, I would be able to focus the entire second semester on film making which would then give me time to genuinely learn about film and how to make a history film.

3 thoughts on “Deeper Research

  1. Deborah Wood

    Ria, what do you mean by ” have not been able to find bias on my specific 5 key events?”

    If are looking for something on Hindu nationalists at the border, try the documentary film, “The World Before Her.”

  2. megannuggihalliwesttownedu

    I think it’s really good you recognize that you need more time. It’s important to put out good work and having more time to do that is really important. I can’t wait to see your final product it seems very interesting!

  3. ainsleybruton

    I think it’s really cool that you’re reaching out to other organizations and universities for more information and scholarship on what you’re researching. I hope they respond and give you something helpful.


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