I Finally Started!

I finally started filming my movie.

This past weekend I started the long and tedious process of filming a movie. Most of what I filmed I have to re-film, but I’m happy I started the process. I only have about five seconds of usable footage, but the shots came out better than I expected.

I was beginning to get really nervous; all I had was a script and some storyboarded scenes. I was worried that I would have nothing to show at the end of the semester. However now, I have some faith. The filming process was very nerve racking for me. I’m the type of person that likes being in control all the time; if I’m not fully prepared for something I become very anxious. So finding people last minute to be extras, to hold the boom mic, or be the cameraman was very stressful. While filming I also realized that I can’t act, so I don’t think I’ll aspire to be an actor anytime soon. However, once it was all over I felt a lot calmer and at ease with the situation. During the process, I realized that I prefer being behind the camera and editing the most. I think it goes back to my need for being in control. Even though my acting skills are lacking, I’m excited to see how the film will come together at the end.



4 thoughts on “I Finally Started!

  1. margaretjhaviland

    Amaan, what is the actual arc of your film’s story? Do you have a few examples of your storyboards you might share with us? How long did you actually shoot in order to end up with 5 minutes of potentially usable film?

  2. megannuggihalliwesttownedu

    I think it’s great that you’ve finally started to film! I remember filming a tour guide video during PBL week and how frustrating and arduous it was. At the end of the week, we had 3 minutes of great footage and the rest was not up to par. Keep at it I can’t wait to see more of it!

  3. ainsleybruton

    I’m so excited for you! The second shot of Aisha is so incredibly beautiful. I didn’t even recognize it as the bathroom at first sight. Do you think you’ll be able to finish by the end of the semester? How much do you anticipate getting done?


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