Website Update — Yanwen


I got started on physically building the website for Napier Group last week, spending my time on planning the layout and communicating with clients about their preferences. The current version of Group Leadership Intensive (GLI) website is presented above with five navigators serving different sections of information.

The Home screen is reserved for future discussion about what information should be putted in the front. In the About page, there are four sections (Philosophy, Projects, Our Team, Contact) thoroughly introducing the project (waiting to be filled with contents).screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-02-35-pm

Contact page includes clients’ emails and a google map indicating their company location.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-7-53-34-pm

News page represents a blog for clients to upload articles and dynamic moments which functions exactly like independent seminar blog.


The final register button is the specific function the company asked during the meeting including collecting user information and online payment.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-7-53-03-pm

Right now the website can only serve the function for collecting user information. I’m still figuring out which online payment I should include in the register page in order for the paying process to be convenient and secure and how I can incorporate a third party payment program in the website. This is only the basic layout demo of the website and waiting for approval from the company.

Though I’ve done websites before, there are still many things for me to research in every single project because each project has its own requirements and highlights. While waiting for response from the company, I will continue learning user-experience based design and comparing different payment programs.

No Work Cited.

4 thoughts on “Website Update — Yanwen

  1. willmanidis

    Looks like you’re using Squarespace for the site; which is definitely fantastic but I could be careful about using it for client work. I am unsure of the licensing of the themes but we used the same theme for and had success with it but our licensing advisor advised against using it. Even if not for legal reasons but for originality.

    1. yanwenxu Post author

      This is only about presenting the demo of the overall structure as I include in the blog. Once the clients say yes to the structure, I will then start writing their business website, so that I don’t need to spend lots of time writing code and revising structure. No worry about the originality and thanks for your concerns.

      1. kevinwang11

        I was going bring up some similar concerns until I found this: When I was working on the Westtown Robotics website using Squarespace, I discovered that an advanced “Developer Mode” can be enabled in settings. After that, using git, you should be able to pull any template from Squarespace and use it.

  2. amaanstewart

    Yanwen this is so impressive. I didn’t realize you were being hired to make websites for companies. You’re like a legit business person. Are there companies that you would like to work with in the future?


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