Making Progress

Making Progress – Ricky Yu


The main focus of this blogpost will be the competition. As of now, the competition planning is on a great track, and there are just people now that I have to reach out to and work out details with. Firstly, I concluded that it was unrealistic to try and have this happen in the winter, so the possible dates were pushed backed to the spring. Secondly, T. Carolyn brought this idea up to the board of administration, and she said that they have expressed enthusiasm for the project, which was absolutely great news to me.

There are a few people that I have to first start reaching out to. The most urgent as of now would be the calendar/agenda committee so that I can confirm a specific date for the competition. This would be very important, as it would require a whole lot of resources, and conflicting dates would just not work. Then, I’d have to work out the cans and cannots with T. Jay and T. Chris, and meet with the communications team about advertising the competition.


Now that I’ve written down all the things that I have to do, it really does sound like I’m really not taking autonomy of the project, and I promise you that is not true. There are a few details about the competition that I have worked out myself, and here they are:

  • The competition will take place in the form of a hackathon/moody’s mega math challenge
  • Students will be in teams of 7
  • Schools in the West Chester and Philadelphia area will be invited
  • The invitation/marketing process will first start with the friends league schools
  • The teams cannot have students from different schools
  • The teams will be given the challenge/problem as they walk into their assigned rooms
  • There cannot be mentors specific to each team, but there will be floating mentors provided for the period of time


With all this worked out, all I need now is the budgeting and the sponsors. T. Carolyn suggested the idea of hosting local business owner who could put forth a problem or a challenge that they are actually facing, and have the students work out a solution for that. Also, to attract students to participate, there has to be a significant prize, and a prize can only come from a sponsor. So on that note, if any of you have any suggestions for a sponsor or a business owner I could try and invite, please let me know in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “Making Progress

  1. Sophie Xi

    It is really interesting to read about your competition planning. As I participated in the Moody’s Mega Math challenge last year, I think it is a great idea to bring similar activity to Westtown, to bring people’s intellectual thinking into real practice. Speaking of a potential sponsor or business owner, maybe you can contact with the Westtown alumni office? I have never done so in the past, but they might have the information you need.

  2. margaretjhaviland

    Stop in to see me. I will have a few suggestions for how to find a best date on the calendar and a few other suggestions of folks who might point you in the direction of a sponsor. You will want to have your date soon. You will want to send out invites right after Thanksgiving vacation at the latest and then a second round right after January 1. People tend to need to reserve their time for an event like this way in advance.


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