A New Possibility

Week 4 Blog Entry – Ricky Yu


This week, my online course was about Interest Rates and Cash Flow Analysis. Divided up into 4 main parts of Inflation, APR & EAR, Term Structure and Discounted Cash Flow (Decision Making), the course mainly dealt with how a cash flow chart is structured, and how interest rates and the time value of money affect the cash flow analysis. Although the course material was pretty straightforward, the example cash flow charts made it inevitable to think that the structures of them were unnecessarily complicated.

With my final projects, I have taken some more little steps towards it. Firstly, I met with my mentor, Teacher Carolyn Hapeman, who works as the Chief Financial Officer for the school. I told her about my idea, and she gave me advice on some minor fixes on the details or timing. When discussing about the sponsors and funding for the event, she even brought up the fact that she knows many people in the field who would be interested, and told me that she would look into some people who might be either be able to give direct help, or just give me advice on some of the little bits of the competition.

From a comment on my blog post last week, another thought sparked in my mind. On my post where I talked about what makes a good business start up pitch, another student in the independent seminar program suggested the idea of a series of lectures/seminars on the subject of business. I thought that this idea was a pretty good idea, since it lined up with my future interests of business and the requirements of the social entrepreneurship program that I am currently a part of.

So I thought, if I was to design a course/seminar on this, what would it include? I started to list all the things that I learned during the summer camp at Wharton, and Business & Society last year. Marketing strategies, communication techniques, finance at both the corporate and individual levels, management structures, and many other technical aspects of how a business is run. However, were I to really to this, I would want it to be directed in a very social entrepreneurship centered way. I believe that business that be a force for good, and I also believe that business is the single most powerful way to get something done in the modern world. As I continue with my independent project, I will have to think more about the possibilities of a seminar.


Image Source: http://www.wellscoleman.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/interest-rates.jpeg

2 thoughts on “A New Possibility

  1. kevinwang11

    I really look forward to your seminar/course on social entrepreneurship. I totally agree with you that this type of entrepreneurship is the singular and most powerful way to change things for the better.
    Just a thought: Would you be interested in looking into the projects we have been working on if we were to market them?

  2. margaretjhaviland

    Ricky, why not asking your peers what they do and don’t know about how one creates and launches a successful business. You could have a basic questionnaire or survey. Then you could create a series of short presentations or even short videos tailored to the needs of your “customers” = Westtown students. You might even choose a peer who already experienced the topic you are covering as the example for each topic you want to cover.


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