Week 4 – Aidan

I spent this weekend at the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference in Chicago!

I flew out Friday afternoon to attend the conference with my manager, and my friend, Good Intent. The conference was organized in a speaker – panel type of style, so you could attend one of 4 panels per session, and there were about 4 sessions per day. Each session had a new set of panels, so in all I had 32 sessions I could have attended over the two days. Me and my manager divided and conquered, so she attended one, and my friend & I attended another. Our focus was on something called “sync licensing”, which I’ll get into next.

Sync licensing is basically when you take a track you’ve produced/composed/performed/whatnot, and sell a license of it to a company/film director/etc. so they can use it in adverts, promos, anything they like depending on the license. I’ve done this a few times before with a documentary creators & other filmmakers, but there is a lot of money to be had in this business so I wanted to see how I could make my options larger in this field. My music is considered VERY sync-able since it’s 100% originally composition & production, and is generally very mood-centric, which is exactly what these companies/filmmakers want.

That was not all I came to learn however, I also educated myself on how I could better use Spotify to support my music. I recently got my Spotify account for my music verified by the folks at Spotify (which I’m very proud of), so I thought; maybe I should try and see what I can get out of this! I learned that most of how it can help me is the officially curated playlists that Spotify has. Since millions of people subscribe to these, if you land a song on them, millions of people will see your song. I landed one of my songs on an official spotify playlist a few months back, but that only had 200,000 followers on it, which dont get me wrong, is still VERY good, but I want to see if I can land on these playlists more often. The short of what I got out of those panels was, make connections. Build connections with the playlist creators. Let them know you’re there and hungry for that exposure.

It was very tiring but also very educational! I would definitely consider going back next year if the panels are intriguing to me.

Tracks that I liked this week:

Ricky – No Coke Heads – A perfectly produced song with perfectly processed vocals. I couldn’t ask for more.

Froyo Ma – Home Phone – Delicious vocals. Very easy to listen to. Froyo Ma continues to impress me with his incredible fusion of the acoustic with electronic.

Point Point – DoubleOreo – A very feel good song. Very fun to frolic to. I dance to this at all times of day.

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