More Than Coding Now–Yanwen

I finished the first stage of TraceCloud project, and got started on the Napier Group project during the past week. After the meeting with clients from Napier Group the week before last week, I clarified their expectations out of this project and learned more about their company including their running model, program format and target audiences.


From this project, I was expected to present them with a website for a program called Group Leadership Intensive Workshop including register page, blog page, online payment page and general information about the program and facilitators page. Since Leadership training market was a field that I hadn’t known before, I started the first step with researching, found a list of companies who ran the same kind of program as Napier Group did and took a look at all of their websites with notes on each of them.


However, after talking with T. Victoria, the focus shifted from fully market searching into customer-friendly website design study because though I knew how to build website, I never understand what kind of website would be favored by customers and would catch their eyes. In order to understand people’s behaviors better, I targeted my research on both customer behavior study and business and I found one book that interested me:


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

The book talks about various psychological tactics used by compliance practitioners to influence users into saying yes to something.

After reading the first two chapters, I now realize that it’s very useful in the ways which salesmen market their products with amazing technics so that customers will say yes to the product that they will initially say no. Though a website builder may not be recognized as salesman with first intuition, website builder is a salesman for the company in some way and try to get potential customers’ attention through their first glance at the website home page. The technics talked in the book may not all be useful for me as a website developer, but some of them will greatly facilitate my website design and help me with attracting customers. The result is waiting to be revealed!




3 thoughts on “More Than Coding Now–Yanwen

  1. riadas99

    I think it’s great that you’re focusing more on human behavior and psychology in this project. The end goal is to market this app to others so one of your priorities should always be to make something that appeals to customers, beyond just a fully functioning application.

  2. willmanidis

    Really interesting to see you dive into the world of HCI and design. There’s definitely some great resources; in particular for web design I would recommend HotJar nitty-gritty invisible user feedback and the incredible Ryan Holidays ‘Trust Me I’m Lying’ for an amazing look into customer acquisition.

  3. margaretjhaviland

    I have a book you may want to borrow called “Nudge”. It is also about human behavior and how to influence people to choose one thing or option over another. One thing to consider would be to compare successful websites from the US and remember what appeals in this market is not necessarily the same as another market. the American subsidiary of a very successful Japanese company, ultimately failed in the US because it couldn’t adjust the web experience to the US market preferences.


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