Press Release: Introducing Westtown Resort 3.0

West Chester — September 28, 2016 — The Westtown Resort team yesterday introduced Westtown Resort 3.0 (“Resort”), the most powerful and reliable school calendar management system available to Westtown students and teachers yet.

The new release has been rebuilt from the ground up to achieve optimum efficiency, usability, and reliability. It comes with over 100 enhancements, including an user-friendly design, a new algorithm, automatic synchronization with cloud services, support for faculty schedule, and Resort Refresh℠. Resort 3.0 became available to students and members of the faculty at Westtown School immediately after the special launch event. As of 10:00 AM EDT on September 28, 2016, 24 hours after the special launch event, over 200 users have already started using the new Westtown Resort.

New User-Friendy Design
The user interface of Resort has been completely redesigned to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Instead of displaying a webpage filled with texts and buttons, Resort 3.0 has a step-by-step guided setup system. Users will be guided through the webpages of the three steps, each containing user interaction elements or a custom-designed animation. The new UI gives users a fresh look and makes it much easily to setup Resort. According to recent data, Resort 3.0 has achieved a 95% success rate, significantly improved from that of its predecessor.

New Algorithm
The new Westtown Resort features a redesigned algorithm. It is a much more reliable algorithm compared to that of the previous generation Resort. The new algorithm utilizes the HTML source code saved by users and parses the code into data which is then imported directly into the users’ cloud-based calendar services.

Using the new algorithm, the lines of code that supports the parsing engine is now being reduced from 3,000+ lines down to 300 lines, delivering up to 10x increase in performance compared to the previous generation Resort.

Read more about the new algorithm in a more detailed article written by the head of the Westtown Resort team, Kevin Wang.

Cloud Services
The new Westtown Resort is built on the foundation of cloud-based calendar service. It seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar which enables Resort to sync a user’s schedule across all of his or her devices. The cloud services also allow Resort to push notifications to users’ mobile devices 5 minutes prior to their next events.

Faculty Schedule Support
Faculty schedules are now being supported by the new Westtown Resort. Resort distinguishes a faculty schedule from that of a student using the new algorithm. The result is that there will be no extra steps required for faculty members to setup.

Resort Refresh℠
Resort Refresh℠ is a new feature included in the new release. It intelligently responds to unexpected schedule changes and updates the users’ schedules automatically. For instance, when the school closes due to a snowstorm, Resort Refresh℠ first identifies the event either through monitoring the school’s website or through human intervention. Then, it accesses the users’ calendars and deletes all the events on the snow day. This feature is made possible by the use of Google’s calendar API, which allows Resort to modify users’ calendars when necessary.

About Westtown Resort
Westtown Resort is a web application designed to simplify the way people use their school schedules at Westtown School. It reads the schedules acquired by users from MyBackpack™, a school management system, and imports it into cloud calendar services, making it available on all of the users’ devices.

Westtown Resort was first introduced in 2015 as a computer science class project and became widely accepted by the student body since then.

Our Team:
Tom Barnett
Ria Das
Eric Kim
Gonzalo Morales-Rodriguez
Wiley Mutch
Bill Wang
Kevin Wang
Yanwen Xu

Press Contact:
Kevin Wang ’18
Head, The Westtown Resort Team


  1. Google and Google Calendar are trademarks of Google, Inc.
  2. MyBackpack™ is a trademark of Senior Systems, Inc.


2 thoughts on “Press Release: Introducing Westtown Resort 3.0

  1. megannuggihalliwesttownedu

    I downloaded it and I’m happy to say that it’s been incredibly helpful! I’m interested to see how it will delete my schedule on snow days!

  2. dexcoengilbert

    Your presentation in joint collection was super effective, informative, and definitely made a lot of people excited to use Westtown Resort. Hopefully you all can continue to improve on an already great product!


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