Side by Side

This week I met with the librarians to find help on researching the conflict. After talking to them I realized that my film has no angle.

At the moment, I have a ton of research and facts but no one wants to watch a 5-10 minute film going through a timeline with facts and information. I needed an a41it1imbnal-_sx327_bo1204203200_ngle. My first instinct was to make my film more personal. Teacher Victoria showed a book, Side by Side, which portrays the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict with two perspectives: one from the Palestinian perspective and one from the Israeli one. When you open the book to a random page, each side will explain a certain event with a clear bias towards their own side. I believe this tool could be useful for me in my video. My main concern with this new idea was that I might not have reliable sources and perspectives. Teach Victoria told me that no opinion is wrong, it is just someone choosing a side to a story, though she would give me books on different people significant to that time period in India and Pakistan. This will definitely be more time consuming than my plan originally but I would much rather have a more engaged audience when watching my film.



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