Week 3 – Aidan

This week I didn’t focus on just one skill or technicality! I worked on many different songs, making incredible headway on many projects I’ve been procrastinating on recently. Unfortunately, I legally cannot show you all I did this week or else the record labels who I’m doing these songs for will kick my ass, but I still have 4 songs that I’m very proud of to share with you:

I spent this week on solely producing music. I didn’t focus on any specific skills, I just tried to focus on pushing out quality music as effectively & efficiently as possible. This week I’m going to talk about writers block; how much I hate it, and how I overcome it. The playlist above contains some songs I composed & produced this week.

Writers block exists in musicians lives just as much as it does in writers’ lives. I often find myself unable to write anything original sounding, or anything at all. This can either mean that everything I’m writing sounds the same, or at the time I’m just not capable of writing a chord progression or drum-line. Thankfully, there’s other ways I can be productive and better myself & my brand when I’m at a loss for creative drive like this. I can try and make new sounds to use in future songs: i.e. record some cool sounds that I could use for percussion (drum sticks, metal hitting against things, etc), or I could work on designing my social media so that it’s optimal and most visually pleasing for my fans & potential business partners. One thing I often do when I can’t write anything is recreate sounds from some of my favourite songs. I listen to a LOT of music, and every now and then I’ll find myself hearing a synth (electronically synthesized sound) that I have no idea how the artist created it! I take it upon myself to go and sound-design this synth in my various synthesis plugins. Now, when I pick up writing again a few days later, I’ll have some cool new toys to play with. That’s how I combat my writers block.

Tracks that I liked this week:

Harris Cole – Girls – This is a track by my good friend Harris Cole. The gentle percussion over the nice soft sample makes me feel all warm inside.

Zach Farache – Charlie Brown – Another track by a friend, Charlie Brown is everything I like in an indie electronic song; movement towards a bigger sound, calming progression of an acoustic instrument, and a nice vintage mix/master.

Halpe – The Luff w/ Montell2099 – This track is crazy.

Hapa & Herzeloyde -Encryption – One of my favourite producers of all time, Herzeloyde, creates an incredibly haunting digital soundscape with this song. Listen to it, it’ll speak for itself.

Blank Body – Mirror Pond – Blank Body consistently releases some of the most interesting music. His sounds are all structured around the soft melody, and then he adds huge, sharp drums on top, which gives you a very contrast-filled song. Plus is composition & arrangement is out of this world.

4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Aidan

    1. aidanpeterson Post author

      Depends on the kind of sound I’m trying to recreate. There’s different kinds of synthesis I would use depending on what kind of sound it was: organic sounding, or more obviously synthesized/digital. My arsenal includes over 30 plugins that are used for sound generation, and even more after-effects to route that sound through for more editing capabilities.

  1. riadas99

    Who are some people you are working with on producing this music; how did you meet them? It is great that you have built connections while just starting out.

  2. willmanidis

    Aiden, is it possible you could be a permeant DJ to my life? I don’t often enjoy the genre of music you produce, however this list of tracks was quiet the rollercoaster to play through. Really fantastic stuff, I’ll have to follow up on your soundcloud.


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