The Concept

One of my college applications asks the applicant to write a concept for a film. I thought this would be a good time to explain the concept of my movie.I’ve had the idea of making a movie about my freshman year of high school for a while now. It would be a fictionalized retelling and I would draw from personal experience to help with the writing process. What makes this film stand out is the fact that the main character is African American; this may not seem too thrilling but its very hard to come by characters that resemble myself.

Making the main character African American is a statement: the idea of a black person not selling drugs or characterized as a loud finger snapping archetype seems foreign in the movie industry. I think that the fact that she’s black is pretty powerful it changes the audiences idea of what it means to be a black teen growing up in America. The characters existence is a statement; the main character is depicted as liking mumford and sons, being interested in art, having Michael Cera as her celebrity crush, and many other things that destroy the stereotype of what it means to be black. She’s constantly defying expectations. It should be apparent throughout the movie that she struggles with her sense of identity because of what society expects of her.

I mainly want people to see a different portrayal of the black experience.


these are some of my favorite unconventional black characters


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3 thoughts on “The Concept

  1. Sophie Xi

    Amaan, I am really impressed by the idea you expressed in this blog. I like the way you debunk stereotypes in movies producing, and I can’t wait to watch some clips of your movie!

  2. dexcoengilbert

    This is an awesome idea and we, as a society, really need this. The idea of making it about your own experience is perfect, because everyone should only write what they know. I hope that someday I will be able to see your finished product.

  3. yanwenxu

    I’m amazed by your concept for your movie. It’s not only a movie for you, but also for the whole society. It’s a great shot to reverse some people’s stereotypes about African American and especially you are using your own experience from your freshman year. I’m really looking forward to seeing it.


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