Women In Debate

Believe it or not, I am a very active member in the NFL.


“National Forensic League Related Keywords & Suggestions – National Forensic League Long Tail Keywords”.Cqmsjt.com. N. p., 2016. Web. 25 Sept.

NFL. The National Forensics League. It is an activity I have participated in for the past 7 years. Basically, it just means your local high school Speech & Debate team.

That’s great Megan! But what does that have to do with women’s empowerment?

It actually has a lot to do women’s empowerment. Last week I had been reflecting on the agricultural industry and how women are essentially out of the process. They are never put in any position of power, let alone allowed to own land. Many of this stems from the stereotype that women are designated to be homemakers. Much of the world has a perception of women and their place in society. In many developing¬†countries, women aren’t on the same level as men. They are delegated to stay at home while the men are supposed to go out and work.

I see this a lot in our society today. Women are supposed to act a certain way to be taken seriously. It is this sort of sexism that makes it hard for women to move up in society.

A great article I read by a friend of mine, for the Washington Post, that exemplified this very well. The article is titled, How could sexism hurt Clinton in the debates? These female high school debaters know.

She talks about many of the struggles many young women have encountered in the debate community. This includes being told that the judge could not focus on my argument because my hair was too frizzy and my skirt was too short. I have been told that I should not try to interject when my (male) opponent speaks because it makes me look too aggressive, despite the fact that my opponent seized every opportunity he had to use his bellowing voice to outspeak me.

Women’s empowerment is a concept that can be used everywhere. We see these problems in our developing countries and in our developed ones. It is something to think about when trying to attack problems like this head on.


3 thoughts on “Women In Debate

  1. ainsleybruton

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this, Megan! I think you’ve brought up some really great and relevant points on the way that women are viewed in positions of power. I especially loved the article that you linked to. It was a great read, and it brought to light that the problems that Clinton faces because she is a woman only gives the election even more nuance and complexity.

  2. wbdrisco

    First of all, your intro (with the NFL) was brilliantly deceptive. I have no doubt that you can get some mileage out of that joke. Anyways, I’m curious how you feel about Clinton, our first female nominee for President, debating again Trump, perhaps the most blatantly sexist candidate in recent history. Do you think sexism can really hurt Hillary or do you think she can use her status to empower herself in the next month or so before the election?


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