Some More Details

Some more details

I just finished my first week of corporate finance, and I learned about the time value of money. However, this week’s significance lies mostly in my conversations with T. Steve about the business plan competition that I plan to hold either at the end of the semester or the year.

After my Design & Engineering class in the evening, I stayed a little later to talk to T. Steve Compton about my idea of the business plan competition that I wanted to have here, and it was a great choice to do so. T. Steve listened to my idea, and gave me a bunch of suggestions. Firstly, he proposed to me another form of the competition that I could consider. Essentially, I could format the competition to be a business-hackathon, where participants will be “locked” into rooms as teams, and have a certain amount of time to come up with a solution to a dilemma of a socially responsible nature. To any of you familiar with the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge, it is that but in the form of a business pitch powerpoint.

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, he suggested some partnerships I could utilize. He told me that he had been in continuous contact with Dr. Roy Carricker, a professor at the Drexel University, and a critical part of the business program at Drexel. T. Steve has told me that Dr. Carricker has shown immense interest in implementing an ebook that he has written on social entrepreneurship into a social entrepreneurship seminar at Westtown, and he would be a great person to work with.

Now, what I have to do is try and work out the details of this competition. T. Steve has proposed to me creating a layout of both versions of the competition, so that I could easily explain my idea to other possible sponsors and partners. Of course, I will still be taking the online corporate finance course from the Wharton School of Business.

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1 thought on “Some More Details

  1. megannuggihalliwesttownedu

    I think the business-hackathon idea would be really great! I can see that grabbing the attention of many students. I have also met Dr. Roy Carricker, and he is very responsive to ideas like this! I definitely think you should reach out to him!


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