A Shift in Direction (week 2)

This week I decided to make a huge shift in my independent research project topic.

At first I had begun my research on the connection between implicit bias training and age (to learn more about implicit bias as a whole, click here). I wanted to discover the age at which people are most receptive to implicit bias training methods. This, however, proved to be very difficult in terms of logistics. To be able to completely explore my initial question, I would need to survey people from the ages of 5-60, and many of them. Because Westtown School is such a small community, this seemed like an impossible feat.

Instead of looking at implicit bias and age, I will now be attempting to answer the question of which implicit bias training method works best. The methods that I will be testing are…

  1. facial recognition training
  2. diversity education
  3. loving-kindness meditation


Image #1

Hopefully, I will be able to detect which method is the most effective out of these three. This information can then be used in the future in regards to law enforcement training. To make this a reality, I will be spending the next few weeks intensely studying all of these methods before attempting the use of them on a small scale.

Thanks for reading!

Alyssa Rowshan

Featured image: http://leighloueygung.com/a-fork-in-the-road/#.V-H6ZpMrKfc

Image #1: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/blog/implicit-test/

2 thoughts on “A Shift in Direction (week 2)

  1. megannuggihalliwesttownedu

    This will be a very interesting thing to explore, especially with the diversity at Westtown. I wonder if Westtown’s geographical diversity will have an impact too?


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