Week 2 – Aidan

This week I spent completely on composing & producing new music! In this post I’ll share some of that with you, and teach you about a few aspects of each song. I’ll also talk about some of my favourite tracks of the week.

I released a single on my main soundcloud yesterday (not something that I do very often). I generally try and release a track one every one-to-two months, just to insure that my listeners wont get too restless for a new song. In my new song “Falling”, I focused on harmonization. One thing that I didn’t include in this song that I usually include is percussion. Generally I try to include some type of drum line to carry the rhythm of the track, but this time I tried to carry the rhythm with purely harmonic instruments. I did this by establishing the time-signature with a synth that lets the listener subconsciously understand how the track is moving along and how they should be “grooving” to it.

Other tracks that I made were generally more “beat” driven tracks  (Rocket, Rainbow Ice Shorty, Kiwi 8, 1Wavey). I produced two for some of my friends who rap/sing, which is a totally different kind of production from what I usually do. When producing for rappers or vocalists, its all about arrangement. The beat cant be TOO interesting otherwise it’ll distract the listener from the vocalist. This was a concept that I originally struggled with, but I’ve gotten better at building a beat around the voice of a vocalist rather than creating a beat for the vocals to sit on top of.

The last kind of beat that I made was a sampled beat (taking a piece of someone else’s composition and building upon it). I generally dont sample in my beats because I like to compose and produce all of my own music myself; It feels better inside, and also you never have any legal problems when you dont sample. Kanye west is an example of an artist who samples a lot in his songs, for example when he samples old soul records in his more “boom-bap” hip hop tracks. This track that I made sampled vocals from an old video game from the 90’s, “Kingdom Hearts”. I liked the vocals a lot, so I chopped them up and build a track & beat around it. I don’t think I’ll ever do anything with this track, but I liked the way it turned out so I thought I’d share it with anyone who follows my blog posts!

Tracks that I liked this week:

Olli – The Big Picture – A nice textural track by my friend Olli. All the sounds in this track were recorded by him in his room! His creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Blvc Svnd – Diva – My brother Nas did a nice crunchy flip of Diva by Beyonce and I think its once of the best things I’ve heard in a while.

Mr Carmack – Going Crazy (Oshi Redo) – The percussion on this track is breathtaking. The original is one of my favourite Mr Carmack tracks ever, and Oshi did a great job redoing the percussion ontop of it.

Krs – Don’t Need U – Everything Kris does is beautiful, since producing for Roy Woods on “Gwan Big Up Urself”, his dancehall sound has been improving exponentially. I always look forward to a new remix or original by him.

Acounta – Ancient Alone – A long time ago this producer remixed one of my songs, and I just listened to a recent original of theirs! Its very digital sounding, and I love the minor harmonization on the synths & the tonal percussion. I’ve been listening to this quite a bit.

4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Aidan

  1. wbdrisco

    Hey Aidan, I thought your post was really interesting and revealing, especially for someone like me who, before reading this, knew nothing about the world of music production. I am left with one question that could be something you could expand on in your next post if you desired. Do you prefer to make music that can be listened to by itself (like an instrumental) or music that people rap or sing to, and why?

    1. amaanstewart

      This was so interesting to read, I didn’t know so much went into making a track. I can really tell all the hard work you put in your music, it’s truly inspiring. Is there someone you have been dying to work with? Maybe another producer or rapper?

      1. aidanpeterson Post author

        I’m constantly looking for people to work with! If they’re good and releasing groundbreaking material, I want to work with them.

    2. aidanpeterson Post author

      I don’t really have a preference actually. I generally find myself producing mostly instrumental works, since I don’t have immediate access to vocals all the time. That being said, vocals from the right person on the right track can really make that track. I’m working with more vocalists on tracks that will be released in the near future !


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