Growing up as an Indian girl – Megan Nuggihalli (Week 1)

Growing up as an Indian child, you are essentially taught that coconut oil fixes everything. Dry Hair? Dash some coconut oil in your hair. Too hot? More coconut oil to cool you off. Sick? Use some coconut oil. Bad grades? Coconut oil.

“Hair Oils, Oil Manufacturer From Thrissur”. N. p., 2016. Web. 12 Sept. 2016.×500.jpg

What I’m trying to get at here is that coconut oil becomes your friend at a very young age as an Indian child. In so far as being an Indian girl, your hair is constantly doused in coconut oil. It just something that you do. You want to have sleek black hair even when you’re 60, so you must start now.

When I go to India, the first thing my grandmother always does is put coconut oil in my hair. She’s always saying, “Beta your hair is always so dry. Come here so I can fix you.” And sure enough, my hair is properly massaged and oiled. This past summer, however, I learned a lot more about uses for coconut oil. As I am researching more about natural beauty products from India and their cultural significance I’m learning more about multiple uses for one item. Here are a few that I learned while she was oiling my hair up:

  1. Rub coconut oil into your skin about one hour before you shower. That way your skin will be nice and smooth after.
  2. If you have dandruff, mix together lemon and coconut oil. Apply and massage it through your hair. Afterwards, tie it up in a tight bun and let it sit for a day before showering.
  3. Mosquito bites? Don’t itch and ruin your skin. Just apply thick coconut oil immediately and let it sit.

These are three examples that my grandmother brought up. But take a look at this blog that shares  10 Uses of coconut oil in your daily routine

My favorite one from her list is using coconut oil as makeup primer and removal. It’s like a two in one and it’s amazing for your skin!


2 thoughts on “Growing up as an Indian girl – Megan Nuggihalli (Week 1)

    1. megannuggihalliwesttownedu Post author

      Baby oil is great insofar as trapping in moisture, but that could also be a problem. It acts like a seal on your skin which can make it hard for your skin to breath some times. My grandmother swears that coconut oil is the best for not only your skin, but has many many other uses! I’ve always used coconut oil on my skin so I couldn’t say from experience, but I suggest you give it a try!


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