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Why does your coffee cool faster in the winter | Max Du

You are using the same cup, making the same amount of coffee out of the same coffee machine. Why does your coffee cool down faster than it does in the summer? Of course you’d say that is because winter is much colder, but shouldn’t coffee cool down at some constant rate? like maybe 4°F every minute or something?


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What Makes a Good Pitch?

What makes a good pitch?                                                                                                             Ricky Yu


This week, I wanted to talk about something else besides my competition and finance course, but still something that is related to what I am studying. What makes a good business pitch? Is it the idea itself? The presentation? The talking? There are multiple parts that have to click well together in a business plan or a proposal, and I will tell you shortly today what makes a good business pitch. Continue reading

The Gritty Stuff

This week is going to be a bit dry, but it will pay off in the future. Dexter mentioned in the comments last week that it would be nice for me to start using payoff matrix. And so this week I am going to lay out some tools used in game theory that will be used to make it easier to notate and visualize the concepts as we talk about them. Continue reading

Facial Recognition Training (week 3)

In my previous blog post, I mentioned a form of implicit bias training called facial recognition training. I chose to study facial recognition training because not only is this method one of the most interesting, but it has been used previously with children of young ages and law enforcement. Pretty neat, huh? Continue reading

Hope was Lost and Found | Sophie Xi

A Generation

The night has given me dark eyes

But I use them to look for light

– Gu Cheng, Mao’s Harvest

I have always been fascinated by this short yet concise poem as stated above. When I first read it in middle school, I felt perplexed by its deep connotations. How come, in the poet’s perspective, the night gives him dark eyes? Why does he use them to search for light? With a lack of understanding on the historical context, I found it somehow difficult to delve into the essential meaning contained in this poem.


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For The Field You’ve Never Touched–Yanwen

This week, I’d like to finish up TraceCloud’s business plan struggle I mentioned in the first blog entry.

After successfully created the first workable model for TraceCloud and got the technical documentation done, our team started searching online all the available business plans from different companies. At first, I was strictly looking for business plans in technology field and found that since all the products were profession targeted, they were not helpful for us, a group of business novices, regarding providing sample for a basic business plan. Continue reading

Week 3 – Aidan

This week I didn’t focus on just one skill or technicality! I worked on many different songs, making incredible headway on many projects I’ve been procrastinating on recently. Unfortunately, I legally cannot show you all I did this week or else the record labels who I’m doing these songs for will kick my ass, but I still have 4 songs that I’m very proud of to share with you: Continue reading