Wrap up – Randy Dong



Moment of truth, this semester has been more than difficult to me. Name of the class is Financial Statement analysis. Target audience is undergraduate and graduate students. Even though I finished the first semester strong, which was also a course for undergraduates, this class is proven too heavy and advanced for me.

The major content of the course is more how to write the financial statements properly than actual financial statement analysis. The majority of the time we have spent in class is learning how to balance the items in the statements and how to add new items in the right places of the statements. The idea is that of a reverse learning. We study what happens to the financial statements in different type of situations, such as debt cannot be collected or there is an expected lawsuit in the near future, so that when we look at the financial statements, it is easier to deduce what is actually happening to the company.

The greatest challenge for me this semester is the workload. Every week, despite the ninety minute online class that I take, there is also an hour of homework, two hours of reading, and of course the independent blog that usually takes me two hours at least. I try to take at least the online class and finish the homework and blog every week, but I couldn’t get time to do the readings that are crucial to the understanding of the class. Very so often,when I’m taking the online class, I stumble upon a new idea, or sometimes just a new vocabulary, and the professor doesn’t give much of an explanation. Then, I have to go through the reading and spend sometime taking the idea in. Because of the fast pace style of the professor, the lack of reading time dramatically decreases the efficiency of my learning.

I just took the final exam of the class last week. I’m estimating a 60% on the exam, which might not reflect to a percentile that sounds as bad as 60. Overall, I wouldn’t say that this semester was very successful, but it kind of gave me a preview of how college classes are like. Even though I wouldn’t be pursuing a future in the econ-finance world, I could feel the kind of rigorousness and preciseness in the math that are required, a perspective and mindset that I can benefit from.



P1 – http://www.wordsinspace.net/lib-arch-data/2013-fall/?p=670

1 thought on “Wrap up – Randy Dong

  1. lukasdesimone

    Woa, sounds like a lot of work. It’s crazy that you’re taking this class with other graduate students, I bet you’re happy to be done with it.


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