Closing Time- Brandon

This week I made a lot of good progress and found a few new articles to use. Right now I’m shooting to have around 3-5 sources that I directly cite in my paper. I’m also reading a few chapters from a book Teacher Deb gave me called When She Was White: The True story of a family divided by race, which looks at how traumas and hardships affect memory.  Since this is the last blog I will write at Westtown I want to do a short wrap-up and reflection.

This Saturday Asha, Emma, Leo, Roger, and I spoke about our projects in front of a small group of alumni. I always thought that Independent Seminar was cool but I don’t think that I fully appreciated the opportunity that we were given. To be given such control over what we learn as high school students is something that I think rarely happens elsewhere. I don’t want to speak for others but personally, I think that deciding to undertake this course was one of the best decisions I made at Westtown.

I know that I grew tremendously as in independent thinker and learned. My organization is better along with my time management and self-motivation. That’s all well and good but I appreciate the personal growth that I underwent the most. Looking back from last semester, I can see how learning about bipolar disorder allowed me to understand more about my Dad. We were always close but he never talked about his illness with me. Most of the time I just though my Dad was sleepy or in a weird mood.

I’m still figuring out what I want to do in college and beyond but what I have done this year has definitely cleared up the picture a bit. I have enjoyed studying psychology this year and will pursue it further in college. I want to take some science based research classes as well to broaden my perspective. This might change but as of now I either want to go into therapy/ counseling side of mental illness or do research to develop new drugs and treatments.

I don’t want to get too sappy but I really do think that the experience of doing independent seminar and studying a topic that is so personal to me has influenced my life in a significant way. Thank you for everyone who has given me guidance and to all of you for reading by blog and writing great posts of your own.


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