Order– Week 11 Asha

A little birdie told me that rather than disclosing my newly written pieces, I should go over my plan and layout not only for you but for myself as well. Thus, I’ll go over my plan for the next three weeks of writing in this week’s blog post.

As organization goes writing style wise, I will use poems as sort of preludes/prologues to each chapter. That being said, the poems are what I am focusing on right now, and I will finish all 12 of them by the end of the week so that I may continue with the bulk of the story, the chapters, which I hope to finish by either the end of next week or the beginning of the week after that. I will then focus on three or so chapters that I will polish for turn-in.

Okay, now that the gist of the order of chapters, poems, and overall book layout has been covered, I’d like to discuss what I’ve been working on this past week. As I mentioned briefly above, I am working on poems first, and have decided to use this past week as poem writing time. That’s pretty fitting because we are working on the poetry unit in Creative Writing for Teacher Ellen who is my main mentor in this independent. I have focused on voice for the most part this last week. I am working on developing different voices as the story goes on so that the aging process is clear. This has a lot to do with themes, but, for the most part, the idea of changing tone, mood, and voice deals with technique.

Innocence and naiveté is something necessary to detect in poems that were supposedly written at a young age. I am hoping to figure out how to subtly introduce a sense of youth and wisdom at certain points of the story. As my main character is now me, I need to figure out how to voice all versions of myself through poetry, whether younger or older.


Trying to figure out how to balance the eloquence of words in my poetry with the lightheartedness of a child’s voice. In order to figure out how to work the kiddie tone into poetry and writing in general, I reread my favorite childhood books as suggested by the blog I read two days ago on a children’s book writing blog.

To just show you what I mean by the age and voice comparisons, I will show quick excerpts from parts I have written about different relationships throughout the main character’s story. The first one that will be posted takes place later on in the story when she’s a bit older, and the second is earlier on. That’s my plan for next week!

Until then!






1 thought on “Order– Week 11 Asha

  1. brandonlee2016

    Starting off each chapter with a poem is a great idea. Keeping to your character’s age/ wisdom while also wanting to use eloquent and elaborate words will be hard to balance but I’m sire you’ll be able to do it. I’m looking forward to reading your excerpt next week.


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