Independent Seminar Blog Week Eleven – Multitasking



In fact, this week’s blog post didn’t appear on Canvass until Monday afternoon so I thought I have a bye-week until a few hours ago. And due to the four APs I have this week, I don’t have a choice but to keep this blog post short and sweet.

From the last paragraph you have probably had a taste of how much work I have to do. I have three critical tennis matches this week, two biology quizzes tomorrow, three straight APs from Wednesday to Friday, and my business plan is also due Friday. I’m being driven crazy by all these tasks and am working my hardest to find a tempo to dance with them.

I need to multitask. I don’t mean multitask as doing multiple things at the same time; my definition of multitasking is the ability to handle different tasks promptly and appropriately under the condition that t not enough time is given to thoroughly complete each task.

And as I become more and more familiar with multitasking, I have concluded a few mental necessities to successfully multitask. I have found these tips especially helpful as it is really hard to deal with when all the kinds of pressure burden you together.

The first tip is to stay positive. When I have too many things to work on, it is more than likely that some of them will go wrong. So any negative emotions will do nothing but harm to me. Even though it seems nature to become upset when things go wrong, the better I can restrain my emotions, the more effective I tend to be.stay-positive


The second tip is to schedule different tasks before start working. Even though this seems intuitive, I think it is more than important to make sure that I’m doing the most urgent task first. I think we all understand the feeling of walking into a class and realizing that we forgot its homework, so yeah…

The last but most important tip is to avoid procrastination. The vast majority of us procrastinate and want to get rid of procrastination. But we often fail to stay unaffected by procrastination because of all kinds of reasons. My piece of advice to minimize the effect of procrastination is to focus on the presence. I personally procrastinate the most when I think about how much work is left so if I can stop thinking about unrelated stuff I can be efficient with my time. I have kept reminding myself that I can’t start the next task if I don’t finish the one that I’m on and that reminder has been effective in most situations.bigstock-Concept-for-procrastination-an-51568768


Other than these tips, I don’t have a lot to share with you. I hope that we can all get through the end of this school year smoothly, and I will see you again next week.

1 thought on “Independent Seminar Blog Week Eleven – Multitasking

  1. emmalefebvre

    As someone guilty of a lot of procrastination and multi tasking, I really appreciated this post. I hope you were able to succeed in all of your many tasks this week!


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