Week 11: Productivity

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This past week has been an exciting one.  After a bit of a lull in activity for my project, I have finally gotten back at it and am looking forward to productive last few weeks of this semester.  My anticipation all started with discovery of the wealth of online interviews of Syrian refugees last week.  Since then I have watched more than a half of dozen, and am aiming to try to watch one each day.  This will not only keep me updated with the crisis, but will allow me learn more about my subjects too.

One interview in particular stands out to me (you can find the link at the bottom of this post).  It was published by Middle Eastern news channel Al Jazeera, and followed a Syrian woman who was recently resettled along with her family in Sacramento, California.  It stood out to me because it challenged the way I see refugees in the US.  Before watching the interview, I assumed that refugees would always be happy to be resettled in the US, and that it was the best option for them.  However, the woman in the interview was not happy to be hear.  She desperately missed everything about home, from her neighbors to the food. She would have rather been resettled in Europe because at least it felt a bit closer to home. After watching the interview ,  I was able to create some additional interview questions to help me delve further into that emotion.  A sample of them are listed below:

  • What was your life like four years ago?
  • Would you have preferred to been settled in an Arab country rather than Sacramento?
  • Do you think the US should resettle a larger amount of refugees?

Before I sign off for this week, I have one final piece of good news I would like to share.  I have recently herd back from Jamal, the Westtown alum from Syria who graduated a few years back, and he is willing to interview with me over Skype this week. Stay tuned!

Interview and Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rcn7CZHA6t8

1 thought on “Week 11: Productivity

  1. lukasdesimone

    I think this is some really meaningful work that you’re doing — learning more about a very important crisis and staying present with it, even when the media has already lost interest in it.


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