Independent Blog Week Ten – Thunderstorm Is Fearful, But Rainbow Is Beautiful.

I am not a determined believer of God, at least I was not. But what has been happening to me over this spring has been really thought provoking. I can’t stress how amazed I am to see how both my process of writing a business plan and almost everything else in my personal life following a fixed pattern. I’m really starting to believe that there is an omnipotent God who watches me and makes his moves when the time is right.


For those of you who followed my blogs, you knew how terrible I felt about my business plan weeks ago: A couple weeks ago I wrote a massive blog post complaining about how much I was struggling, and it took me a long time to fumble through. But over the past week, the entire writing process has been unbelievably smooth. I have broken down big chunks into smaller sections and written a small part or two everyday. I felt like I have all of a sudden been magically blessed with the talent to jog down paragraphs after paragraphs. And it felt like all the effort has been paying off. Looking back, I would laugh at my frustration during the rough weeks because now I’ve made it through and now I can smile at my business plan.

And when I read look back even further, I can see a very similar story on the tennis court.

This is my second year playing varsity tennis and before the season started I realized that this could be the only season in which I have a chance to play in the FSL playoffs or even the finals. So there was a sky-high expectation on both myself and my team. And I didn’t wait long until the frustration came. Game one, Roger and I lost in a third set tiebreaker and let the team down to a 2-3 loss. In case you don’t know what that loss meant, that was the worst experience you can possibly get on a tennis court. I was more frustrated, disappointed and furious than you can imagine and remained in that mindset on the court for quite a few days. But again, God has its timing. Eventually things worked out as now I’ve grown into a dominating couple with Darryl and our team is still undefeated in the FSL.

When I thought about what I have been through, these two distinct yet identical experiences started resonating in my little brain: the thunderstorm hit before I expected and hit me so harshly that I felt at some point that I couldn’t stand back up. But eventually they subsided, and the colorful rainbows took their places. And the entire processes were such amazing experiences that I can tell you, the feeling when you witness the rainbow after you conquer through the storm is the best feeling in the world.d12d0994965e1480310d58bff2cb744e

And when I expand my eyesight, I could feel that almost everything that happened in the past followed such a pattern. Leadership election, SAT, girlfriend relationship, and all the other stuff. And right now, I’m coming to a realization of the importance of tenacity. Because the world is not all sunshine, but God will reward you the rainbow after the storm. Sometime, all we need to do is to stop complaining and focus on moving an inch forward. As all these inches combine together, we will look back and see how far we have gone through.

1 thought on “Independent Blog Week Ten – Thunderstorm Is Fearful, But Rainbow Is Beautiful.

  1. Tom Haviland

    So proud of you Max and the adversity that you have weathered. Life is full of driving rainstorms but when the sun finally comes out it is all the more spectacular. I believe you are learning how to wade through the storms and even find bits of color and light during these times.


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