Decisions Decisions – Week 10 Asha

This week we’re going to take a break from the usual viewing of my writing technique, and I’m going t give you a quick peak into my often overly hyper mind. My frontal lobe must be a bit wonky because making decisions and long-lasting choices is not my forte to say the least. Although I have a mere month or so to write the remainder of my book, I am having huge doubts about the final product in relation to my beginning idea. I began with the idea of a fictional autobiography in mind, and now I have ventured off into the realm of romance fiction. Thus, as I have traveled very far off topic, I need to get back to the main purpose of why I chose to do this independent.

For the last week or so, I’ve been trying to follow the tips given on the Psych Central blog about making decisions that I’ve been reading (link listed below). For the most part, the main take away from the advice columndifficluty-making-decisions was to accept that you can’t get everything you want out of your writing and you can’t hit every part on your writer’s checklist. Me being me, I refuse to believe that I can’t work to make my writing more like what I originally planned. How this is going to be done is the real question.


This week I am working on returning to my main goal. I need to even out the balance between fiction and reality, and I believe that in order to make the story a fiction autobiography once again, I may have to backtrack a bit and delete some chapters. This past week I have been brainstorming ways of keeping some of what I have and transforming some already written chapters into more autobiographical-oriented entries.

Rather than sticking solely with a skill so foreign to my own: creative writing, I’ve decided to include short bursts of poetry throughout the story. Since free write poems come easily to me, I should be able to write those quickly and model each chapter after the poem before it. Overall, my goal is to be finished writing a large portion of the book in three weeks, and I hope to have two or three entirely polished chapter by the beginning of June.

I should have a few new chapters or poems by this time next week, so I’ll definitely be sharing at least one with you all then. Tune in next week!




2 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions – Week 10 Asha

  1. emmalefebvre

    I can definitely relate to this post– making decisions have never been one of my strengths either. Still, it sounds like you are handling it well and I am looking forward to seeing what your produce next week !

  2. lukasdesimone

    I know what you mean Asha and Emma! I feel like this last year has been full of really hard decisions, with questionable outcomes. You would have a lot of content if you wrote about that.


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