Memory Test-Brandon

This has been a pretty slow week because I’ve been on college visits trying to decide where I’m going next year. I have had a little bit of time to search for memory tests but none of them seem perfect. They do not have much diversity in questions so it would be hard to get new baseline results. People would get used to the questions so when they try different memory tactics such as visualization, the results would be affected by outside sources. I would not be able to tell if the improvement in the memory test results were from memorization strategies or because the questions were familiar.

I have attached the links to a few memory tests that I looked at:

There is also a Brain Games episode about memory that I watched and I might take some tests from there. Overall, I’m a bit disappointed that I did not find anything good this week. I’ll look more this week but I also have a rough idea for my own memory test. I want it to be something similar to memorizing digits of Pi. That is, I won’t give pictures of shapes to memorize  but instead, give a series of random numbers, letters, and symbols. That way, people have to make a conscious effort to create associations between those random numbers, letters, and characters with real objects or events. Also, it would be very easy for me to switch it up and add variety. The only problem I see is making this test quick so that many people can take it. Memorizing for school is tedious enough and I’m not sure if people would be willing to do it for my experiment. I also might write a research paper on memory instead if I can’t get a lot of participants or stick with a memory test that I like.


2 thoughts on “Memory Test-Brandon

  1. aswilt

    I really like the interaction with the audience that you presented in this post. I’ll have to try out those quizzes.

  2. emmalefebvre

    After last weeks post, I was eager to see what your next steps would be for this week and was not disappointed. If you end up needing participants for your test, I would love to help!


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