Original– Week 9 Asha

To create a love story that is relatable and beautiful without it being cliché, one must fully develop every aspect of the relationship. One would have to construct personality, interests, and dislikes in what may or may not be used in the telling of the story. I decided to create personality through love letters/stories.


The following is Ashton’s take on loving a girl, which he indirectly bases on his feelings for Selam.

If yelling at her in an argument doesn’t make your throat burn like you just downed several shots,

You’re not in love with her.

If looking into her eyes can’t make you stop in your tracks and think twice about the shabby thing you were about to say next,

You’re not in love with her.

If she tells you to leave her alone and tries to go to sleep angry, and you’re able to sleep knowing she’s hurt,

You’re not in love with her.

If the thought of losing her doesn’t make your knuckles tense up and your breath become ragged,

You’re not in love with her.

If her voice can’t calm your worst anxiety attacks and make you want to listen to anything she has to say,

You’re not in love with her.

If her smile doesn’t make your chest quake and your legs shake,

You’re not in love with her.

If the thought of having a child with her scares you rather than puts a small smirk on your face,

You’re not in love with her.

If touching her doesn’t set your hands ablaze in the most blissful way,

You’re not in love with her.

If you would rather not talk to her than fight with her,

You’re not in love with her.

If feeling her tear fall upon your chest doesn’t rip your heart apart and crush your joy,

You’re not in love with her.

If she’s not on your mind the very moment you wake up and the very second you begin to fall asleep,

You’re not in love with her.

If hearing her say she’s scared doesn’t tear you to pieces and make you want to fight her battles and vanquish her fears,

You’re not in love with her.

If you’re not prepared to let her go in order for her to be happy,

You’re not in love with her.

If your friends don’t know her name, her favorite color, her dog’s name, and how she likes her eggs,

You’re not in love with her.

If she walks through the door and your heart doesn’t skip a beat,

You’re not in love with her.

If you’re able to check out another woman without thinking of her,

You’re not in love with her.

If you’re able to resist telling her you love her,

You’re not in love with her

Because when you’re in love with her,

All you’ll want to do is let her know that.


The next bit is a peek into Ashton’s perceptiveness that will be seen later on in the story, and is a reflection on my own overthinking of every day things and people.


7 Things I Know About Her

Six Years

Six years after the accident, she noticed a pile of dried mud under the driver’s seat of her car. She’d wondered for years why the car had such a strange smell. Unlike that of moldy mats, smelly feet, or rotten food, Cherry reeked of what she thought was old car smell, but no, of course she couldn’t go without being reminded of what happened that morning.

 The List

When she was born, her father threw away a list. This list held all of her father’s wants and desires for the future: what he wanted to do, where he wanted to go, who he wanted to apologize to. When she was born, her father threw this list away, and with it went his smile.

 Angel Hair

The restaurant she went to with her mom was chilly, cold almost. They had asked the waitress repeatedly to turn the heat on, but their efforts were fruitless. Cold and still slightly upset from the argument she had with her mother earlier, she ate quickly, spinning the pasta around the fork in record time, and stuffing her face with the most angel hair pasta and linguine sauce she could muster. On her third bite, the angel hair got stuck in her throat and it took two whole minutes for the strand to be removed and her breath to regulate.


She thought the most beautiful thing on Earth was her mother. Her father thought so too. Her brother, on the other hand, thought the most beautiful thing on Earth was fire, so he set the house ablaze.

The Brothers

Her first boyfriend was an identical twin. Little did she know his twin’s name was also Emmanuel. Her boyfriend’s brother used that to his advantage, as, during a two-week feud between the brothers, he convinced her that he was in deed her boyfriend and the two made false love. When the fallout came around, she was distraught, having lost her boyfriend and her virginity to deceit.


She spent all of her time alone at home when her brother went to college. Her parents began to worry about her when they found her diary and opened up her last refuge of privacy. Once informed of the darkness of their daughter’s life, her parents bought her a dog, a slightly disheveled dog with a weird twitching eye. After spending all summer with this dog, she fell in love with it. Winter had come, and it had already became her best friend, her brother, her lover, her child, and she poured her heart and soul into caring for it until one day, when she went to toss it a bone, it bit her. In a blind rage, she picked up the dog and tossed it outside into the three feet of freezing snow that had fallen the night before.


She had always been confused about how to spell the word gray. ‘Was it grey or gray?’ The question rang in her mind more often than one would think, and it bothered her. She didn’t know the difference, and yeah, she could look it up, but where is the fun in that? People would comment on her intelligence, and, for some reason, she couldn’t accept the compliment because of this one little gap in her knowledge. It wasn’t until college that she met him, Earlham Grey, and every other spelling of the word fell through. Every other spelling felt irrelevant, unimportant, and wrong.

Full chapters coming soon! Please check back in next week.









1 thought on “Original– Week 9 Asha

  1. randyhimself

    I just want to say I love these works. I love the subtlety and details of the observations and portrayals, and these more “complete” relationships definitely resonate more with readers’ emotions.


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