Independent Seminar Blog Week Nine – Writing and Basketball

There is not much about my business plan going on this week. I’m in the middle of compiling my plan and I project to finish my first draft within the next ten days. I will share more about that when I get closer to the end, but right now, I want to thank two things that just left huge impacts on me.

This week has been filled with ups and downs. The first half of the week was delightful but I suffered some great losses towards the end of the week. I almost feel that whenever I check my email there is bad news awaiting me. And I can tell you that it is not easy to deal with all the disappointment and frustration, so I needed something that makes me oblivious, something that relieves me and something that recharges me with a fresh tank of energy.

And I turned to two things: basketball and writing.



The first thing I did Friday afternoon was lacing up my sneakers and going to the gym. And I spent my entire evening sprinting, shooting and sweating. Even though playing basketball solved none of my problems, I simply felt relieved. Basketball court is a safe place for me to not think about the problems in my life, but rather focus on the ball and the hoop.

Basketball is my alcohol. I don’t know if this simile makes sense to you but just think about how some people get drunk when they need to alleviate stresses. I go on a basketball court when I struggle. Basketball is the tool I use to express my feelings, anger, fear or upsets; I throw them on the court through dribbling, shooting and exhausting myself. Basketball is so inscribed in my soul that I feel better every time when I look at my sweaty shirts and think about the good moves I made. And basketball gives me the power to confront the obstacles in front of me, no matter how scary they look like.



On the other hand, I have never been fanatic about writing. When I was young I often felt overwhelmed by writing essays. It was not until recently when I started to appreciate the essence of writing. I had the pleasure to work with visiting poet, Merlin this Friday and one thing he told the class struck me. He said we don’t have control over our lives; we never know what will happen next. But with writing, you can do whatever you want. I always have a plan for my year, my day and my hour and I become upset when my plan goes wrong. But I can’t follow my plan all the time because life is beautiful because of its unpredictability. But when I write, I control what I write. So even when I was writing my business plan, which has nothing to do with my stress, I felt as if my life was not that chaotic and I had a piece in my heart that is undisturbed when everything seems to go wrong. So I spent a lot of time writing Saturday, and that process restored my composure and confidence.



If basketball is my alcohol, then writing would be my cigarette. Alcohol gives me some time to let your emotion out and some space to live without the pressure, while cigarette provides you the composure to live in the stormy world, and the courage to keep marching forward.


2 thoughts on “Independent Seminar Blog Week Nine – Writing and Basketball

  1. emmalefebvre

    I really loved the metaphors you used in this post. I often use writing as a stress reliever for myself too– sometimes all you need to do to make sense of your life is to write it all down.

  2. brandonlee2016

    It’s cool how you use basketball to relieve stress and escape. Also nice how you have found or are developing a passion for writing. Excited to hear your business plan.


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