Week 8: I Did Something!

It has taken eight weeks, but I finally have something to show for all of my handwork. After talking with Teacher Pat at our most recent meeting last Thursday, I decided that it was time I produced something from my work. We had been talking about next steps in my project, and how I hope to soon begin interviewing Syrian refugees for my project.  She also helped me draft a list of nine questions I hoped to ask the refugees when I get an opportunity to interview some (listed below).  I believe these questions will convey the empathetic angle I am trying to create with the audience.

  1. “Tell me about your background and growing up in Syria before you left.”
  2. “What is the happiest memory of  your childhood there?”
  3. “In what direction did your life was heading?”
  4. “How did the war enter your life?”
  5. “What was the final straw that made you leave?”
  6. “Tell me about how you decided to leave.”
  7. “How did you get out of Syria?”
  8. “Could you tell me a little bit about each place you lived since you left Syria?”
  9. “How has leaving Syria changed you and do you hope to ever return?”

Despite Westtown having a Syrian refugee population of zero, Teacher Pat thought it would still be beneficial for me to get some interview practice before I went outside Westtown and started interviewing for my project for real.  That is where Layth comes into the picture.  Layth Bhasi is a sophomore here at Westtown, and is here for the year on an exchange trip with his school Ramallah Friends in Palestine.  Though Layth’s experiences by no means are the same as a Syrians, Teacher Pat and I thought he would be a good place to start.  The next day, I modified some of the questions I was planning on asking Syrian Refugees and interviewed Layth.  Not only did I learn about Palestine through the interview, but I gained a lot of useful experience too.  If you are interested in watching the interview, the link is attached below.  Enjoy!


(photo cred:en.wikipedia.org)

1 thought on “Week 8: I Did Something!

  1. aswilt

    I love to personal touch behind the questions you asked! Unlike the usual questions asked in interviews concerning similar topics, these are more directed at personal experience rather than an individual’s general outlook on the conflict as a whole. Good job!


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