Final Project- Brandon

Last week I met with Teacher Margaret and we talked about what I would do for my final project. I mentioned memory/ perception and emotion as the two topics that I was most interested in. After giving it some thought, I have decided to pursue the memory/ perception topic further. I am not sure exactly what I want to do with my project which is why I’m writing this post. Hopefully some of you can give me a few suggestions. 

When I was at Amherst on Monday I sat in on an introductory neuroscience class. Coincidentally, the professor was speaking about how we memorize and classify information. An interesting example he gave is how some people with incredible memory visualize and make stories out of what they are trying to remember. For example, if someone wants to memorize an insane amount of numbers such as the first 70,000 digits of Pi, they’ll walk around their town and associate each number of Pi with a location, person, or thing. When they need to recall the numbers of Pi, they just recreate their walk around town and just like that, they can easily rattle off thousands of numbers in perfect order. Obviously, most people do not have super memories but I am interested in how association can affect memory. I was thinking about creating an experiment where people would be tested on their base memory as a control and then given a series of memorization strategies to see which one works best for most people.

I am still thinking of other possible experiments or topics to research. There are so many possibilities and it’s going to be next to impossible to choose. Still, I’d like to make a decision sometime soon so that I have time to delve into the topic as deeply as I want to. I’ll keep you up to date on my thoughts but in the meantime, leave any suggestions or ideas for me in the comments.


1 thought on “Final Project- Brandon

  1. emmalefebvre

    Human memory is a field of science that has always fascinated me. It sounds like there are a lot of different directions you could take this project in, but I am sure whichever way you go it will be very interesting. Good luck!


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